Let’s Be Invisible

If you’ll be invisible for a day, what will you do?



We were asked a certain mind-boggling question this morning during our team meeting. I decided to ask it to my friends, too. And I never failed to get satisfying and funny answers from them. Hehe!

Here’s the list of their answers! Hope you’ll enjoy! :)

Julie Ann Orcio – will kiss her crush again and again
Aliza Arnesto – will mess up with people’s lives, just for fun, if she don’t have any important mission to do
Josephine Bustamante – will get all the food and books that she can take
Ryan Ferrer – will stalk his fiancee wherever she goes
Charlie Regalado – he’ll kiss her and hug her when she’s asleep (I wonder who that ‘she’ is)

For me? I had a hard time in deciding what to do. But, I still have naughty thoughts and evil plans for that day.

First, I’ll take EVERYTHING that I can take. Money, food, clothing, shoes, gadgets, everything that I need. All that I want. :)

Second, I’ll mess up with other people’s lives. They might be my friends, my enemies, or just a stranger I might be a bit interested. Just wanna have fun, eh? :)


I’ll use this day to do everything that I want. I’ll do everything to be happy.



Lastly, I’ll revenge to the people who hurt me. I will kill him. I seriously want to end his life. However, I won’t kill him immediately. I will make sure all his body systems will break down. Before the clock strikes 12, and before my invisibility will come to an end, I will whispher him goodbye. I will remind him of the pain that he’s given me. And I’ll let him die in my arms.



I’m evil, right?


Well, that’s just a dream.



No one can be invisible for a day, right? But, we will always wish we can. ♥





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