Month: February 2014

#100HappyDays | Feb 28, 2014

Day 6


Payday! Pizza Friday! Who wouldn’t love this fantastic Friday? LOL!

Seriously, I never expected that I’d be receiving a bigger amount due to my absences for the past cutoff. I’m just grateful that I had additional budget for the next two weeks; minus the rental payments and my debt to a friend.

I was expecting some pizzas from Yellow Cab, but an unexpected happened. Our food was a meal from Mang Inasal – my darn favorite! The only problem is they ordered all spicy chickens. *sigh* Oh well, I enjoyed the food, though it’s hot. Hahaha!

Thank God it’s Friday!

Hello weekend!




#100HappyDays | Feb 27, 2014

My blog post yesterday marked my 100th blog post! Yehey! I started this blog last May, and I NEVER really expected that I had that much to share. I admit, most of the topic here were kinda non-sense and dramatic. That’s why I am trying really hard to change the topics. It’s not too late for change, right?



Another great news? I already have 100 followers! This is really unexpected, seriously. Who would have thought that my blog would touch the hearts of these people? I’m really thankful that you followed my blog. I hope you’ll be satisfied with my posts. :)



Blogging have been my private space in a public place. It’s hard to pour your emotions while you’re trying to avoid hurting other people. It’s hard to write freely when you’re hiding some information. With courage, I had the chance to mention the stuff that I want, without even thinking about what others might say. Well, it’s all because they’ll always have to say anything, whether I post something good or bad.



Again, thanks to all my followers. I’ll do my best to entertain you with my future posts. Hope you’d also share your ideas about my articles. Use the comment box, please? :)



“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” – Buddha



#StayHappy! :)




#100HappyDays | Feb 26, 2014

It’s day four of my #100HappyDaysChallenge! Who would have thought that I could still think of something to feature? Haha! It’s kinda crazy to spill something in here ’cause my life already have a routine. (Boring!!)



It’s the 26th of the month and I’m sure others are celebrating! What do I mean? Monthsaries! My sister and his boyfriend celebrates their monthsary today, as well as my cousin and his girlfriend. I might not post how long they’ve been together, but I assure you that they’ve been in a relationship for years now.



Why would I talk about monthsaries? ‘Cause I am celebrating it also. Haha! It’s our first monthsary. Who would believe that I already had a new boyfriend? Hmm. This is the first time that I announced it, actually. ;)



The sad thing is, we’re not celebrating this day together. He’s still at the province while I am here. We both have responsibilities to prioritize, you know. However, he called me just to greet me. Isn’t that sweet? :)



Let me end this post with this awesome quote I found online:



“It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.” – Dale Carnegie



Think about happiness, and YOU WILL BE HAPPY!






#100HappyDays | Feb 25, 2014



It’s not what you think. This isn’t a review of the recent movie. Hehe! I haven’t seen the movie, FYI. I hope it’s still showing next week.



I had this rare chance to talk with my guy best friend about sex. It’s an awkward topic for us, or should I say, awkward for me. No one really knows any details about my sex life. He was the only one who’s interested. I guess. Haha!



This is kinda awkward to me since I am a girl. I can imagine him thinking that I am a darn slut, and he have to deal with is ’cause I am his best friend. I just hope he doesn’t have to think about it that way. Hehe!



He wants me to give details about my once-in-a-lifetime meeting with HSC, but I don’t want to tell a story. He insists, thinking that I can put those actions into words. I told him I’m going to make a creative article just to state the facts. But he has to wait until last year before it gets published.



He told me that I might forget the scenes if he’ll wait for a year. I just told him that I am expecting that it would happen again, so I’ll relay another story. “It won’t happen again, bhestie. Don’t assume.” And that statement awaken me from my daydream.



I know I shouldn’t assume for more. It will never happen again. Sad ending, right? The good news is I have this funny story to keep for myself. A treasure about him that I might keep for the rest of my life. Hahaha!



“If you want happiness for an hour — take a nap. If you want happiness for a day — go fishing. If you want happiness for a year — inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime — help someone else.” – Chinese Proverb





#100HappyDays | Feb 24, 2014

I missed an interview appointment today. :(


I know. I know. This isn’t a happy news at all. Haha! I wasn’t able to attend the said interview since I don’t know how to reach their office. Yes, they gave me instructions to go there, but it’s so vague and complicated. There’s no clear path for me. I’m not good in directions, by the way. And I might be lost in Manila for the second time.


Back to the happy news.


Today is my “daddy’s birthday” (He’s not related to me at all. We just call him like that.) His teammates prepared a surprise party for him. I wonder if somebody would exert effort just to give me a party like that? haha! #AssumingMuch


In this connection, I had ample time to look at Mr. Drummer Boy. He was the one in-charge with their food, so he basically stayed here in the 31st floor for a few hours. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see him for hours. So, I took advantage of the opportunity. LOL!


Somebody told me that he’s ugly. I BEG TO DISAGREE! We might have different standards when it comes to physical appearances. Just don’t say that ugly word about him. He’s charming, in some way. Well, most specially when he’s on drums. ♥_♥


Hello Happiness. :)


source: ♥




#100HappyDays | Feb 23, 2014


It’s exactly 100 days to go before my 22nd birthday! Aside from being my daily post, this will be my personal countdown for my special day. #BringItOn


I saw this hashtag #100HappyDays when I entered tweet chat last week. I never had the interest in joining the counting, but I challenged myself that it might be fun.


So, let me start my 100-day journey today, February 23, 2014. Sunday!


Happiness started when I saw him again. Yay! After 6 long years, I had the chance to see my high school crush.


Who would have thought that six years have passed already? He still looks the same. Still handsome. Still slim. Still attractive. Same height. Same body built. He’s still the silent type that I liked before. I guess he still knows how to captivate me with his charming smile and killer looks. Oh well, I should be dead right now.


I won’t give further details about this, but I’m really happy that I had the chance to be with him.



I just hope that won’t be the last time. Hahaha! Expecting? I am.


Let me add a picture quote, too! I like the message. How about you? :)




On Weddings Part 3: Budget-Wise Weddings

Weddings = Big Expenses

This is one of the most important equations that a couple must remember once they decided to get married. They have to spend much of their money for dresses, flowers, rings, and catering services. They should also count the payment for the photographer, reception, and even the donation for the church. They have to spend on invitations. Long list of expenses makes you want to reconsider getting married, right?

A wedding, big or small, requires a budget. Whether we like it or not, we have to allocate some of our savings to have the best wedding ever. It depends on the couple if they’ll spend more or the other way around.

I am a fan of expensive weddings. It’s nice to see all those fabulous wedding details and reception ideas. But in our society, spending much for a ceremony might not be a wise idea. I might be dreaming of an all-out wedding, I want a perfect real one in a small budget.

Don’t be afraid to attend my wedding my dear friends. You won’t starve at my reception. Haha! I’ll make sure there’ll be food for all. ^_^

For those who have a tight budget, read my next tips. I’m not yet married (and not even considering marriage by this time), but I’m sure these tips will be bit of help for your budgeting problems.

1. Use all the available resources that you have.

If you have lots of cameras out there and a family member/friend who’s good at photography, then use those resources rather than hiring a professional photographer. You can just search the internet for ideas on pre-nuptial photo shoots. You can also instruct him/her/them on the angles that you want during the wedding and the reception.
If you have a family member/friend who can cook great dishes, why not ask for their services than hire a catering company? Spend less, right?

Ask your family members/friends about your make up, flower arrangement, and table settings. For sure they learned something about these during their high school days.

Let your wedding be a family affair by assigning certain tasks to those who want to get involved. It won’t only cut your expenses, it’ll also be your family’s bonding moments.


2. Limit your guests

You don’t have to invite the whole city for your wedding. You can limit your guests to your immediate family and very close friends. Though, there’s no harm in inviting more people, it’s budget-wise to limit the people.

Well, I believe this is where invitations will be very useful. Make sure you have enough space, favors, and food for every person who received your invitation. Always imagine them bringing another person or two for their company. It’s always advisable to adjust a bit more, but don’t overdo it to prevent wastage.


3. Finalize your plan.

The bride-to-be will definitely have lots of things in her minds, and it’s really hard to compress it in your tight budget. You can ask the help of your newly-wed friends or family members. Make sure they’re married for a span of 2 years and below. It’s best to look into their expenses when the gap isn’t really big.

Finalize your plan – the venue, the resources that you have, and the invitations. Well, don’t forget to finalize your wedding date! Make sure all those people who are part of your entourage can come on that said date.



Hmm. Much have been said, right? I hope you got some ideas on how to make a budget-wise wedding. If you might ask, I’ll be doing some of these, especially the first tip. I’m sure my fiance will find a way in giving me the best wedding ever. (I just need to find my fiance first! Haha!)


Disclaimer: These are just ideas of a hopeless romantic and a frustrated bride. Comments are much appreciated. You can also give your suggestions and corrections. Thanks for reading! ♥