21st Century | Daily Prompt: Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves (Unfortunately)

It’s not like I wanted to be here, but I have no choice. Miles and miles away from home. Struggling and fighting depression. I wanted to be as close to the people who loves and cares for me. However, it’s forbidden.


I am a teen. I am noisy, unorganized, and moody. I am emotional. I provoke wars not only deep in myself, but within my colleagues as well. I have lots of questions left unanswered. I have answers that are considered silly and unimportant. All that I am completes the makeup of my personality, my character, and my whole damn world.


With the advanced technologies around me, I admit that I was programmed to be lazy. I drop my clothes at the laundry shop and pick them up after a day or two. If I a new dress or a new pump, I’ll just browse online shops, order those that I want, and wait until somebody knock on my door for the delivery. If I want to talk to my parents, I won’t have to travel for 12 long hours before I can see them and enjoy their presence. Just few clicks on my phone and viola! I can already start a 15-minute conversation with my family. If I want to get a new job, I’ll just browse online applications and send my resume. Then, I’ll wait for their calls on when my examination is, ask them about their location, and just visit them during my schedule.


You might tell me that my life is fucking easy. I admit, living comfortably with these new technologies ignites your desire to wake up again each morning. I have ways to communicate without going out of my bed. I wear clean clothes without soaking my hands. Most of the time, I just go out and find a restaurant for my daily meals. Easy? Hell, yeah! However, the thought that we’re helping each other to be lazy is a different thing to think about.


I imagined myself with my kid. I imagine him looking at me the whole day, thinking whatever I do is right and must be done. I can see him slouching on his bed all day; waiting for his meals, his clothes, and his needs to be delivered. He’s going to spend the whole day at the living room, watching Phineas and Ferb, Pokemon, The Adventures of Finn and Jake, and NBA. We’ll be using intercom buttons and enjoy our petty conversation through it. He’s doing what I am doing now. He’s also trying to enjoy his cozy life.


The truth is, I find this high-tech life kinda boring. There are times that I miss the best job opportunity since it wasn’t posted online. I need to visit their office and apply as a walk-in applicant. I can feel my body weakens every day since I lack exercise and sunlight. I become isolated to my virtual friends and forget my old acquaintances who are just staying at the next street, waiting for me to visit them.


I seldom forget that my family’s presence makes me courageous and strong enough. I know they make me feel better when they talk to me through the phone, but it’s better when they can hug me and tell me it’s going to be alright. Talking to them and seeing their reaction assures me that somebody is willing to accept me for who I am and for who I wanted to be.


Uh? What have I said? Wordy post, eh? Well, this is just a reminder for myself, and for my readers about the importance of presence and physical activities. We are thankful to modern technology, but we must remember the old culture; snail mails, visiting relatives and friends, and playing with your kids. Doing household chores might be tiring, but it’s one way to keep our body fit and fab. You don’t have to run to the fitness center to  be fit since your home can be a tool for your exercise routines.


Did I forget to include something?


I guess I never missed anything.




Mental block is hitting me again. ♥



Gonna go for now.





I feel this related to this one, so I post this as a response to: Daily Prompt: Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves (Unfortunately).


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