Letters to You | Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?

Write the Valentine’s card you’ll never have the courage to actually send.

I have the desperate need to send multiple cards this Valentines, but I don’t have the courage to do so. I’m glad I was given the chance to, at least, write those messages here in my blog as a part of a challenge. Well, I’ll name lots of people here. Don’t be shocked when you saw your name.

Ready? (Oh! I was asking myself. Hah!) Here we go!

A Letter to:

My parents

I don’t know if you celebrate Valentines on your own, but you remind me of what love means. You never gave up on me amidst all those failures that I habitually made. You never stop caring for me, showing how important I am, and asking if I can still make it on my own.

It is so hard to talk about my love life to you since you always say negative things about the man I really love. You always discourage me. You always say it’s not yet time for a serious relationship. But, you know what? After this dreadful breakup that I just experienced, I always wished I heed to your advise. I feel sorry for myself and disappointed that I failed your expectations about us. I tried all the possible ways to make you see how good he is, how responsible he is, how loving he is. But I failed to let you see the pain that I’ve suffered all this time, the pang of guilt that I felt as we sleep at night in the same bed. I never had the chance to run to you and cry when I’m really, badly hurt, ’cause I don’t want you to blame me and I don’t want you to blame him.

Sincerely, I’m sorry. You were right. I wasted the past years of my life trying to defend someone who’s been deceiving me. I thought I already succeeded in letting you accept himfor who he is, but again, I was wrong. I know I am wasted, and I am so thankful that you are still there for me. You’re still there to support my crazy idea to go back in Manila.

Just a few months, Mama, Papa.. I promise I’ll go back to your side, and I’ll always listen to whatever you say.

Happy heart’s day to you! I always wish you’ll stop arguing, yet I know it’s inevitable. Married life should always have petty fights, right? But please, listen to us when we say stop. You’re scaring us, don’t you notice that?

I love you so much. I will never love anyone else aside from you. Aside from my siblings. I am not afraid to remain single forever, as long as I know you’ll always be there for me, even after you body came back to ashes.

My Friends

Seriously guys, Valentines? Way back then, you never believed that being in love is a nice things. Here you are now, deeply in love with somebody. You’re lucky you have them at your side.. Oh yeah. Don’t look at me like I’m a lost girl in a crowded street. I can manage the pain, though. I believe..

To Ate Ann,
You’ve known almost everything about me and Luis. You’ve been the very first person to know if we kissed, if we fight, or if we had a good time. You’re like my diary as I say everything to you. Even the details of our breakup.

Remember that afternon when I first saw him? I never asked any questions about him, yet I am intently listening to the details you say about that mysterious guy. You told me he was cute. You told me he was nice. And through this compliments, I fell in love with him. See? You must be blamed for all of this. Haha! Just kidding.

On the other hand, I’ve been a passenger in your roller coaster of love stories, too. I might not have the exact stories, but I have the glimpse of every happy and painful memories that you’ve had. You’re, indeed, luckier than me. You have Mia at your side. You have your parents whom you can count on. You have the freedom to talk to them, yah know, while I can’t even mention Luis’ name in front of them again.

I know you’re in love with another man again, and I just wish you can consider Mia’s benefit first before your own pleasures. Haha! Did I just say PLEASURES? Eh..sorry? Hmm.. I’m not. hahaha!

Happy heart’s day bhestie.. You’re one of the best friends in the whole wide world. I’s rather stay single, than lose you in my life. I love you, cousin! ?

To Mommy Yana,
From Joel, to Bham, to Kevin, to Luis, to Ryan, and now, for Glen. We might be miles apart, your support is always there for me. It’s also funny that we had a conclusion before that we have the same luck in love. Haha! I never cared to observe that. You just told me so. ^_^

I’m sorry to bother you when the cut was so fresh. Sorry for disturbing you, when in fact you have to deal with your mother’s condition. Thank you for texting Luis when I ask you to do so. Though some of our plans didn’t work out, it was an eye-opener that he didn’t really care. So I believe it’s time to let go of him, and wait for another bitch who’s gonna steal him from that 15-year old home wrecker. It will always be like that, isn’t it?

Don’t forget to invite me in your wedding, ok? I’ll be there. I promise. I can be your bride’s maid, but never expect me to be a bride. Haha! That’s the new rule. :)

Happy heart’s day! I know you’re still grieving ’cause of your mother’s death, but I’m sure love will heal all those wounds. While she waits for us beside God’s throne, I believe she wants us to learn how to love again after our heartbreaks. Thanks for the friendship, and thanks for being a mother to me. I love you Mommy! ?

To Moimoi,
You know what? Everytime I call you by the name, moimoi, you immediately transform into a 5-year-old kid. Haha!

Another thing. You don’t ever realize that I must hate you, am I right? You’re part of the class that I hated. You’re one of them, isn’t it? But well, you’re here, considering me as your best friend.

I won’t ever forget that day when we met at Mandaluyong. June 9, 2012. You really pissed him off, remember? I’ll never forget how annoyed and mad his face was as he approach us. I didn’t had the chance to see what Liza’s reaction was, but I’m sure she’s also shocked on how rude, Luis could be. I should’ve taken that as a sign, right?

You’re literally miles and miles away, but I’m thankful that you still answer my messages. You still read those dramatic lines that I send, though I can imagine your not interested at all. You’re crazy, and you know that. Your secrets are darn safe with me. I’m at your side for now. But if that comes to worst, you’ll remember that somebody broke my heart too. I won’t let that happen to your lady. alright?

Take care always, bhestie. I’ll be looking forward to catching up with you on July. My FB is always online. Just send me a message, ayt? Happy valentines.. to bad you won’t be with Liza this year. I know you’ll schedule a time for your online date.. just be on time, ok? ?

To Phine,
I believe this season is much painful for you. It’s three long years, I know, and you’ve celebrated this special ocassion every year. Honestly, being alone in Valentines isn’t new to me. He always leaves me alone, yah know.

If only I was there, we can invite our friends, singles only, and have a gathering like we used to do. I can’t remember if you’re able to attend a Valentine’s camp, but we can make something like that again. We can organize another event like that, even if it’s outside the church’s vicinity. Just to make things easier for you.

Don’t forget that I love you so much. You’re like my little sister. You’re part of my family. I was devasted when I heard about your shocking news, and my heart breaks as I see your tears falling as you speak. I’m just a text away, and you can always count on me. :)

To Ryan,
I am thankful that you’ve been exerting effort on things between us. But you see, we’re never getting back together. I thought I can make it possible to be together again, but I’m really sorry. It’s never the same.

You have your obligation now. Please focus on your child. If you really don’t want to pursue marriage with the girl, don’t do it to me. You just prove to me that you aren’t ready for a commitment. Just let me go, for the last time.

My Crush-es

Haha! I know; it’s indeed in plural form. I just admire them, so what? So, here’s my Valentines message for them.

To Factory Worker,
I don’t know if I’ll still consider you as my “crush” since you always make ways to turn the feeling off. You know me by my name. You know be my face. But you don’t know the why I think you’re worth any attention.

Remember the first time that we rode on the same jeepney? You’re wearing white shirt with the print “Wanted Girlfriend”. I am trying to read the next word on your shirt when you looked at me. I have to look away immediately. You ignored me, I guess, and continued to talk to your friend. I tried do hard not to look at you again, but I failed. When it’s time to go down, we’re waiting for each other. I hesitated to drop off first, as you do the same. We stood up at the same time, and it’s kinda funny ’cause you still allow me to go down first. Haha!

Then I saw you’re also working at the same company, only that you’re on the other team. But, I’m really happy to see you always. Most of the time, in your white shirt. ?

It’s been a while now, and I haven’t seen that shirt again. The thing is, you started wearing pink. It’s kinda distracting actually, and annoying at the same time. I don’t know why, but I always wish you never have to wear that again.

Happy heart’s day to you. Whoever among them will be you date this special day, I hope you’ll be happy.

To Popoy,
Why do I have to call you ‘popoy’? ‘Cause you look so young.

You’re cute. I like the way you walk. I like the way you wear your clothes. I like the way you fix your hair.

What more can I say to you? I’m really speechless, yah know.

My new workstation is torturing me. Everytime I hear your voice is a distraction.

Well, you just attract me like you’re my favorite anime character. Hmm.. Who’s that? SECRET!

To Drummer Boy,
Why do I like you? ‘Cause you play drums; that’s all.

Well, you’re cute also.


Hmm. I believe you’re kind.

You don’t have many updates in your FB profile. (Oh yeah. I used to stalk you from time to time)

I like the way you smile.

I almost melted when we’re together in the elevator during your birthday. Remember that? :)


Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, there you have it!

Isn’t it too much for one week?






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