When You Least Expect | Valentine’s Day Special



I used to spend Valentine’s Day alone – hanging out somewhere, buying myself anything that I want, and drinking my favorite milk tea. This year made me realize that everything, indeed, changes when you least expect it.

Mr. Glen Mark Relleve ♥

He’s my classmate from my elementary years, and my dear friend ever since. He’s one of those people who knew me very well, someone who’s always there when I need someone to listen. Our lives have been separated for some years due to busy schedules.

I can still remember the first time I got a message from him after 5 years. Honestly, it was the first time I thanked Facebook and their search option. It was the first time I loved my totally unsecured account.

He asked me if I can still remember him. Hell, yeah! Who wouldn’t remember somebody who made me laugh when I’m about to cry? Who wouldn’t remember the guy who accommodated me during my first day in LWCES (B)? He’s one of those first friends and acquaintances that I had in Bicol.

We started sending text messages to each other, trying to cope up with the years that we’ve lost. We had the chance to reminisce how happy we were before, when our age and responsibilities don’t complicate our schedules. It’s nice to hang out with a long lots friend. What I didn’t expect is a love story that has been long overdue.

I don’t think if I ever told him before, but I really admire him since we’re young. Well, I guess that’s what they call puppy love. Young love. He’s really special, and he’s one of those friends who can complete my day.

While others think that I’m just using him to move on, like a rebound or something, I certainly believe that I’m just giving a rare chance to someone whom I loved before and comes back to my life for another chapter of our story. After five years of being separated, I can’t explain the joy that I felt when I received the first message from him. Time and situations might have changed us in some ways, but I believe my appreciation and affection for him haven’t changed for years.

I gave US a shot. It’s a decision that was REALLY hard to make since I’m afraid to lose the friendship. I was afraid to take a risk. He made me realize that it’s worth a try.

So, for a change..

I spent Valentine’s Day with somebody! Yay!

He traveled 9 long hours just to be with me here in NCR. I’m really thankful to his family, especially his parents, for allowing him to spend a week with me.

Our Valentine’s Day didn’t start as expected. We planned to go to Tagaytay, but all those plans were ruined since he fell asleep. I walked out of the house, roam around the city, and came back with a frown. I didn’t even bother to wake him up. I think he readily noticed that I don’t talk to him, that’s why he said sorry.

His friends have been texting him to meet them at SM Mall of Asia. I told him to go since I’ll just sleep with my bad mood. He hesitated to come until I agreed to come. If only I can stay mad with this guy. Tsk.

He reminded me to choose the restaurant where I want to eat. My first choice was Tokyo Tokyo, but I remembered my discount coupon at TGI Fridays. I asked him if it’s OK with him, and he said yes. I was the one in-charge with the food and drinks too, since his two friends doesn’t want to get anything to eat. Hah!

It’s really fun to be with the three of them. I never felt aloof or alone or out of place. They might be shocked of the prices of the food, but they’re fascinated by the beauty of the place. The displays are pretty awesome, I must say. Well, I might post another restaurant review later. :)

We planned to try Cruise by the Bay. However, we passed by a car show, organized by car clubs in the Philippines. It’s really nice to see all those personalized/modified cars and their fantastic speakers. As in WOW!

We both loved the orange, yellow, and blue car. At the same time, I’ve seen two Hello Kitty Cars. Haha! I’ll post one of the photos next time. I promise. :)

He helped me look for the books of the House of Night series, but eventually, we failed. We searched at all the bookstores inside the mall, but we didn’t find any volume of the series. Sigh.

If only you could notice, our celebration isn’t that perfect, but we’re happy to be together. I should say, I’m happy we’re together. He told my best friend that he’ll do everything to make me happy, and he really did. I can imagine how hard it is to please me, yet he amazingly hit his goal.

I guess this is just the time that I can sincerely say, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. It is, indeed, one of the happiest celebrations that I’ve ever had.

Thanks to his parents, once again.
Thanks to Mommy Yana.. she knows why.
Thanks to Macky and Jane for their hilarious and fun presence.
And most importantly, thanks to Glen Mark Relleve for a job well done.

‘Til I see you again on your birthday sweetie.



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