On Weddings


Believe it or not, I have two obsessions at the moment: reading the House of Night series and stalking about weddings! Let me give you a hint of my thoughts about weddings in this post. About the House of Night series, I’ll post a book review soon.

My cousin will get married this coming May, and as far as I knew, my sister will be one of her bride’s maids. I believe my sister is really excited since she already told me to take good care of the sandals that she’ll be wearing. Oh my! She still have the chance to buy a new one before the wedding, right? Hehe!
I also asked my parents to come here in NCR for the wedding. It’s the rarest chance for our family to have a reunion. My mom told me that my uncle working abroad will come home for the wedding. I guess our relatives will be here too, and I don’t want my family members to be absent in the said occasion.

I believe this is the main reason why I have this sudden obsession in wedding ideas again. My followers and readers might remember how I cursed weddings due to my previous breakup. And now, I’m back in this magical world of nuptials.

To start off, I already have tickets for the wedding expo organized by Themes N Motifs and the Wedding Library. The first event will happen on March 8-9, 2014 and the other is this coming weekend. I’m seriously excited for the fair, though I’m not really sure on stuff that I might get there. A souvenir photo might be? Haha!


themes and motifs
Guess who’s the name behind that erased part? hahah! I’m sorry. I just need a name for the ticket. No strings attached. :) ♥
wedding expo
Happening this weekend! haha! Will be attending the wedding expo with my office mates. How will this event help us in promoting our wedding campaigns, huh? We’ll know when we get there. ♥

I’ve started overloading my Pinterest page with photos about weddings. Those amazing wedding dresses, cakes, designs, themes, and many more. If you have some suggestions there, don’t hesitate to email me and attach those photos.

I already have a wedding blog. Haha! Well, it’s ’cause of that themesNmotifs.com registration, and I might post some of my dream wedding dilemma and fantasies over there. Or, if I am darn lucky, I can post the details of my real wedding next time. I just want to know who my groom is!

Though I can see lots of separating couples these days, I still believe in the sanctity of marriage. I still hope that there’ll be a time when broken families are already mended. I will always wish that concubinage and adultery won’t ever happen again. Someday, when everyone understands the importance of marriage and commitment, we will have a happier and lovelier world.

And that will start with me and my beloved, wedded husband.

In time. ♥

I will steal his last name. in time. ♥
LOL! :)




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