On Weddings Part 2 | Church vs Civil Wedding


I told you, guys. I am kinda obsessed with weddings these days. This topic just came into my mind while I’m on my way home. When I searched Google for some comparisons about these two ceremonies, I also found out that these are a common debate to netizens. I believe this is, indeed, a hot topic. Hah!

I believe that every girl have their dream wedding. Some dream of a magnificent church wedding while others are planning to have a fairy tale garden wedding. I’ve seen barn weddings and beach weddings as I search blogs through Blogger and WordPress. Others love to have an intimate ceremony, where their immediate families are the ones who are present. Others dream of a televised and crowded wedding in the future.

These remind me of the my friends who are already married. Some had a church wedding while most of them are civilly married. I wonder what happened to their wildest dreams and fabulous fantasies. What’s the exact difference between church and civil ceremonies?

As far as I know, the requirements of these weddings are just the same: marriage license, birth certificates of the couple, parental consent/advice according if necessary, and pre-marriage counseling certificate. The ceremonies are both valid and legal, too. Let me indicate some of the differences that I noticed in my friend’s weddings. I might include family member’s weddings too. :)

I was once a bride’s maid in my church-mate’s wedding. It was one of the funniest weddings I’ve ever seen! I’ve witnessed weddings wherein everyone is really serious and won’t even say a word as the ceremony progresses. But it’s the other way around during theirs. Even the preacher was cracking a few jokes for the congregation.

I attended my aunt’s church wedding, too. I never saw all the preparations, but I was amazed by the beauty of the church during the ceremony. Lots of flowers were in the aisle. The gowns are great! I believe they spent a lot on their wedding.

I witnessed my cousin’s wedding in Camarines Sur, too. It was just a small church, and the witnesses are just close friends and families.

I haven’t attended any civil wedding, but I saw the photos of my friends in their FB accounts. The wedding is held at the mayor’s office, with their parents, principal sponsors, and very few witnesses. It’s as simple as what you think of it. It’s as solemn, I guess, as what everyone’s expecting it.

I believe it’s a matter of preparation and budget whether to organize a church or a civil wedding. Church weddings require lots of flowers, confetti, and ribbons. You still need to find a decorator for best results. You need to provide for gowns and tuxedos for your bride’s maids and groom’s men. Lots and lots of expenditures are needed for your dream church wedding, right?

On the other hand, you just have to think of your reception if you’re getting a civil wedding. You can even use your own house as the venue. Budget-wise, this ceremony is recommended.

There’s no harm in dreaming for an expensive wedding, since it’ll just happen once in your lifetime. What’s important is that you’ll have legal documents and complete requirements so that your wedding won’t be declared void. The Family Code of the Philippines states all the conditions of marriages that should be considered before a ceremony.

Well, whether you’re getting a church or a civil wedding, don’t ever forget to marry the man/woman who is willing to spend the rest of your life with you. The one who’ll be with you in sickness or in health. The one who’ll stay for richer or for poorer. And the one who will love you honestly and truly from that day forward.
Best wishes!


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