#100HappyDays | Feb 23, 2014


It’s exactly 100 days to go before my 22nd birthday! Aside from being my daily post, this will be my personal countdown for my special day. #BringItOn


I saw this hashtag #100HappyDays when I entered tweet chat last week. I never had the interest in joining the counting, but I challenged myself that it might be fun.


So, let me start my 100-day journey today, February 23, 2014. Sunday!


Happiness started when I saw him again. Yay! After 6 long years, I had the chance to see my high school crush.


Who would have thought that six years have passed already? He still looks the same. Still handsome. Still slim. Still attractive. Same height. Same body built. He’s still the silent type that I liked before. I guess he still knows how to captivate me with his charming smile and killer looks. Oh well, I should be dead right now.


I won’t give further details about this, but I’m really happy that I had the chance to be with him.



I just hope that won’t be the last time. Hahaha! Expecting? I am.


Let me add a picture quote, too! I like the message. How about you? :)





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