Month: March 2014

#100HappyDays | March 29, 2014

DAY 35


It’s my little brother’s birthday today!


Well, I think it’s not appropriate for me to call him little. He’s bigger than me, actually. I feel like I’m the youngest among the siblings when height matters, yah know. Haha!


I’ve been killing the time at the office when I decided to start working on some typing tests. I’ve searched for some sites that have typing “exams”. I found lots of them, but others give quite unrealistic results. Haha! Below is one of the results that I’ve got in one of the exams.


typingtest #1

When I was starting in this company, my speed is just about 30-40 wpm. That was the result of my exam before here in my recent work. I guess things have changed now. I usually get a score of 40-50 wpm! Isn’t that surprising? Haha!


Well, it’s gonna be a tiring and exciting Saturday fellas! I’ll be updating you of some events in my next post! Ola! :)




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#100HappyDays | March 28, 2014

DAY 34

Wow! I already finished 1/3 of this challenge! I am actually amazed how I manage to share all the things that make me happy. Or should I say, how I managed to remember them, even the smallest things that completes my day.

Glen is back today! He was actually two days late from our agreed schedule, but that’s OK. What matters most is that he’s gonna stay with me again for quite some time.

My WordPress blog is back! (Obviously, it is!) The WP admins told me that it was suspended for “spam activities”. After reviewing my page, they decided that the action was, indeed, an error on their part.


If you want to catch up with my updates on day 31-33, you can check it out on my Blogger account or click on the links below:






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On Weddings Part 4 | Wedding Events

WHAT: Wedding Expo 2014
WHEN: March 8-9, 2014
WHERE: SMX Convention Center
EVENT ORGANIZER: Themes And Motifs


Hi everyone!


Wedding enthusiasm is back after so looong. Haha! Kidding aside, I want to share my so-called “experience” with the Wedding Expo.


I wasn’t able to attend the first day of the event, so I missed the opening number by the Company. It’s really frustrating, yet my desire to take a rest and sleep won over my desire to see them perform. LOL!


Since I don’t have anything to do on that Sunday, I decided to drag my friend with me at the expo. My soon-to-be husband isn’t around, so I need somebody’s idea other than my preference. Angelica, I suppose, is a nice person to drag along. (Peace girl..)


No one is allowed to take pictures for the sake of the distributor’s intellectual property, something like that, so I won’t be able to post photos for you. I hope we’ll be allowed to do so in the next event. Fingers crossed!



I was one of the pre-registered soon-to-weds and I was given this name tag after I submitted my ticket:

I’ve been expecting lots of distributors, but I’m really surprised that they’re PLENTY of them. I got 106 suppliers on my list, and I’m so sure that I didn’t get ALL of their fliers/business cards.


Result of the Wedding Expo?

I was able to bring home fliers, calling cards, and discount cards from 106 suppliers.


I was able to bring home a copy of the latest issue of their wedding magazine.


I was able to bring home an eco-bag.


I was invited to attend two food tasting events, which I was unable to attend to due to personal reasons.


I was looking forward to attending the next Bridal Fair this coming June. Oh my! I am so excited!
You wanna join me on their next event?


Just visit to get your free tickets. ;)


Don’t miss the fun, guys!


See yah there!



♥ Huntress

#100HappyDays | March 24, 2014

DAY 30




I didn’t expect this, but WordPress reminded me that it’s my blog anniversary! Hahaha! One year in the world of blogging? Who would have thought that I’ll be able to last that long. LOL!
I’ve been very GOOD in starting lots of things, but I find it hard to continue the posts. If you would see, my active posts started during June last year. Thanks to the 100 Happy Days challenge and the prompts from Daily Post, I had various topics to discuss on my blog.

Well, I hope this blog will still be active for the next years to come.



♥ Huntress

#100HappyDays | March 23, 2014

DAY 29

It’s a blessed Sunday once again, guys! I’ve been given the chance to enjoy my rest day. And that means more sleep! Yay!

However, my mind doesn’t want to rest. After seeing the eco-bag that contains all the supplier’s fliers from the past Wedding Expo, I thought I had a task to do. I started sorting all of them, and I already selected those that I love. I’ll be posting a detailed post about this later, and I’ll also include my experience in the Themes and Motifs event. You should wait for that! ;)

After spending 5 hours on those suppliers, I continued reading the Darkangel by Meredith Ann Pierce. It was book one of a trilogy, and I’m so looking forward to read the next books. I hope Angelica can find the copies of the books. Haha! I just borrowed it to her. I had this sudden addiction to vampires, and I don’t know why. ;p


The Darkangel reissue
photo courtesy of Google… ♥

I’ll be posting a book review too. I have lots of posts in line, right? I just hope WordPress and Blogger won’t suspend my account. Haha! :)

My aunt always wonder how I manage to stay in my room within 24 hours. The secret? My love for books and for writing. As long as these two are with me, I can manage being trapped in my own dreamland. And no one can ever disturb me there. (Oh sorry! It depends on who wants to take my attention. Haha!)


♥ Huntress

#100HappyDays | March 22, 2014

DAY 28

It’s time for unlimited rest! (or so I thought.) Haha!

My cousin wake me up at around 9 am, telling me that we have to attend the seminar about baptism at 2pm. I was TOO sleepy, and I think the speaker is already annoyed as she see me half-asleep. >.<

Sorry.. my eyelids are just out of control. They’re falling down. :'(

I was also informed that the Jihanna’s Christening is scheduled on the 30th of March. I was little bit worried ’cause the pick up date of the cake was 29th. Do you think it will affect the quality or taste of the cake? Any bakers there? I NEED HELP! >.<

For the FUN part, I just wanna share a new Facebook game that I’ve been loving. It’s name is Jetpack Joyride.

new games

I’ve been browsing the games played by DrummerBoy, and found this one. I tried it, and it entertained me. I almost forgot all the stress in our workplace as I play it. ;)

It also reminded me of the game that I used to play in my cousin’s phone while I was with him at the hospital. If I’m not mistaken, it’s name is Subway Surfer. Have you tried that one? Give me your feedbacks! :)


♥ Huntress

#100HappyDays | March 21, 2014

DAY 27




I’ve been awake for the past 36 hours, guys! Taking a picture of mine at this moment isn’t the best thing to do ’cause I am so haggard. >.<


My cousin asked me if I can stay with him at the hospital for today. I said I can, and so I have to endure two hours of travel from our office to Calamba, Laguna.


It might be a long ride, but it was “memorable”. I was able to look back at our OWL Team building. I was really shocked by the familiarity of the place. Can you imagine it? Laguna is also a large place, and I was there. Back where it all started. ;)


As I passed by WalterMart, I can imagine how silent and sad HE is. I can imagine how he asked me to look for our colleague. Those memories when we’re still “friends” are coming back to me.


Then, the rain poured. It only reminds me of him…


I stopped at Jollibee to buy some breakfast, but I was startled with one of their service crews. He is a tall and skinny man. He has the same name as “HIM”.. Though he’s more handsome than OH. lol! (Peace OH!)


The day passed, and I still can’t accept that things are reminding me of our precious moments. Until I came to the office and opened my Twitter home page. He’s here again.. (CLARIFICATION: He’s not the owner of the Twitter page. It happened that their names are inter-related.)

whoever you are @ajj_javier, you completed my day! Hahahah!


HE’s like a ghost. HE’s not physically here, but I can feel his presence.


I don’t know if that’s considered a good news..


But I know my heart shouts he’s worth remembering.





BTW, my cousin is already discharged from the hospital a while ago. His platelet count is already high, according to his doctor. I saw the recommendations and doctor’s advises to him. It was written in pure Tagalog, and we’re both laughing as we read the instructions. We’re not used to doctor’s prescriptions in our vernacular. It’s usually written in English. Haha! Things changed, perhaps. ;P


He still have to visit his doctor on Monday. I hope nothing bad will happen in the next days so that he won’t be confined again. I ask for your prayers so that he’ll have continuous healing. :)


Well, I am BACK with my lengthy post. Haha! I hope this will happen again in the next days. Fingers crossed!




♥ Huntress