#100HappyDays | March 2, 2014

Day 8


It’s Sunday! And it’s time for our Sun-date!


I woke up at 12 noon and I saw a text message from my friend. She said that they moved into a new apartment, and it’s just located a few blocks from my house. They wanted me to come there and have some girls bonding.


I told them I will come, but I will wait until the scourching heat of the sun subside. Haha!


Soooo.. we met at SM Sucat, since they can’t give me the exact location of their house. From there, we went to Baclaran and bought some of their kitchen utensils. It’s so fun to be with these two girls. They had a hard time in selecting the plates that will match with the color that they like. (And they ended up with three orange plates, FYI.)


We spent a few hours together, but it’s a nice experience. I seldom see them ’cause we have different schedules. I was also afraid that I might be depressed again since we might talk about my ex, but our bonding made me realize that I don’t have any bitter feelings for my ex. I’m sincerely happy that he’s happy by now.


I can’t wait to schedule another bonding moments with these girls. Well, don’t forget to mention the only guy in the group. Haha!





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