#100HappyDays | March 4, 2014

Day 10

Long distant relationships aren’t my thing. I find it hard to trust those partners who are away from me, especially when other girls are flirting around him.


Mr. Glen Mark – my sweetest BF, ever!

However, my recent boyfriend proved to me that distance shouldn’t be an issue to your relationship. I know it’s hard for him to wait for me in the province, while I’m here going out with someone else. His trust is extra-ordinary, as I promised him one thing that only the two of us have known.

Soo.. he made another great move to make me feel that I am really loved amidst the distance. I called him this morning, before I slept. We’ve talked about lots of things, as usual, including his plan to stay here by the end of the month.

In the middle of the conversation, he sang a song for me. He usually does this, but this is the first time that I recorded our conversation.  And I’m thankful that I did! ^_^

I might be so sleepy by this time, but I believe it’s all worth it! Few minutes of talking to him makes me feel safe and loved. He might be miles away from me, his heart and love will always make me feel complete.




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