It’s NOT For Everyone..

I’ve just read this article “7 Realities of Hooking Up That We Need to Get Over and Accept Already“. Last evening, I’ve read another article entitled, “The Pros and Cons of A Friends with Benefits Relationships“. If you continue browsing those sites, and ask Google about it, you can find lots of articles that talk about the same topic. Hook Up Culture.

I am so intrigued by the articles that I stumbled upon. No commitments. No strings attached. Just making out. Just sex. (Reminds me of somebody, eh? LOL!)
This lead me to searching topics about HOOK UP CULTURE. I found a video posted from Franklin & Marshall College. I know the study is done in the American schools, but the facts might be true in our country too. If you’re planning to listen to the video, please take note of the statistics stated by the speaker. It can help you in your adversaries. Haha!

I’ve been thinking about these casual relationships for the past years due to my obsession about 500 Days of Summer. Remember the story of Summer and Tom? If you’ve watched the movie, you’ll know that Summer don’t want the commitment. They don’t have a “label” on their relationship. But they’re going out and making out from time to time.

Honestly, I find it hard to talk about sex. First reason is I grew up to a family who don’t talk about it liberally. We shouldn’t talk about it ’cause they think we might try it. LOL! (That’s what I’ve been believing for years now.) Second, I grew up religiously serving the church, and these topics are kinda disgusting for me. However, I opened my mind to facts about hooking up, sex, and casual relationships. I’ve been reading some sort of articles about it, and I have to say that it’s not for everyone.

According to my researches, hook up relationships can be helpful to gain experience without risking your emotional commitment to anyone. You won’t get tired of the drama of boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. You have the chance to discover and experiment your knowledge about sex when you have a f*cking buddy. Others believe that it’s good to engage in a casual sex ’cause they’ll learn more about these hook ups. It gave them the courage to give into their desire and check their boundaries.

A bad relationship can also make someone crazy. (It happened to me, yah know.) Some guys are getting so possessive and some girls are getting insane on the pain of breaking up. Hooking up is the culture that dominated the campus ’cause students can focus on their studies without thinking about the distraction of broken hearts and jealousy.

For professionals, it can be their escape from their stressful work. Having a boyfriend can be a hassle, especially when you don’t have enough time to meet him due to your various responsibilities. You can focus on your work, and cal someone once you felt the urge and desire to get laid.

If you knew me personally, you’ll know the change of perspective that I had for the past few years. I had the change of lifestyle, and I admit I had a hook up relationship too. I find it very challenging and sort of entertaining. The rush. The excitement. 20s will always want the adventure that I had faced before. What made me engage in this? The benefit of flirting with my high school crush. The influence of getting tipsy. The curiosity of THAT feeling.

If you’re someone who’s like me – one who get attached to someone so easily –  don’t ever get a f*cking buddy unless he/she wants a serious commitment with you. You’ll definitely be screwed up, not only physically but also emotionally.

You might say you can manage this relationship. You can pursue one after reading my post and the links attached here. I don’t have the right to stop you, but I just hope you consider your conscience. Check out the pros and cons, and make sure you won’t be devastated about it.

Remember, hooking up isn’t just sex. Kissing, just kissing, is also considered.

I’ve been there, and I expected too much from him. I just don’t want any other lady to be devastated just because of someone who used you for one time.

If you’re like me who suffers from the regret of getting a hook up partner, forgive yourself. It isn’t just YOUR fault. For whatever forced you to do that, it’s all part of the past. Really interesting conversations can be started when you’re open to these kinds of relationships. You can talk with me.

Have I said so many things now? haha!

For the man I liked but never considered calling me back, I thank you.

It’s a nice experience, you know. I just don’t know if I would like to do it again.

Disrupting the hook up culture is up to you.



We can stop it when we want. ♥





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