#100HappyDays | March 9, 2014

Day 15
Back in 2013, I wasn’t able to attend the said gathering due to our team building.
But this time, I decided to attend the event by hook or by crook!


Hello Wedding Expo!


photo source: themesnmotifs.com

I wasn’t able to attend the said event yesterday, so I dragged my friend with me.

It was really awkward to attend, especially I’m not really getting married.. Well, I haven’t said YES..

At the registration, the girl asked me if I was with the groom.

I said no.

Distributors are asking me about the wedding date.

I still don’t know when.

I just considered other events that might happen this year – birthdays, anniversaries, and whatever.

I enjoyed the exhibit, seriously. My eyes were satisfied with the awesome cake decorations, caterer’s presentations, sample of invitations and photo booths, even the mobile bars and perfume souvenirs!

My eyes are fascinated by the wedding dresses. I love them all, actually. :)

My wedding is not yet sure, but I’m assured that I have all that I need in case that will happen.

I have the contacts of the distributors.

I have the list of things to be completed.

Most importantly, I have all those hand outs in which I can compare all the price range!

I just wish I was one of the winners of the diamond rings. LOL!

Thanks for the free magazine. I love the content!

Thanks for the fre eco bag.

Thanks for the tons of handouts and brochures!

Thanks for a great time, Themes & Motifs!

Kudos to all the organizers! ♥


♥ Huntress


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