#100HappyDays | March 17, 2014

Day 23

Manic Monday!

Monday is “bonding with Jose” Day!

We met at Mini Stop..he said he was waiting for so long. I was late, actually. but I know I’m not super late. :)

then we ate at McDonalds, Quarter pounder, cheese burger, fries and drinks.

then we stayed at the Ayala Triangle.. enjoying our usual craziness.. and all stuff like we enjoyed them before..

then we went to Paseo Center to buy some Milk Tea.

then we lost our way! Haha! It was my mistake; I admit. I thought I knew the way, but I was mistaken.

then he walked me to our office building. Other link builders saw us together..and I don’t know if they knew him. Haha!

I might feel super stressed in my workload, but then I won’t let that ruin my great day! :)






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