#100HappyDays | March 19, 2014

DAY 25

It’s hard to notice things that are making you happy, especially when your day has a routine. Haha! This is just one challenge that I am planning to finish all the way. Adja, Ayin! :)

I’ve been called by mu supervisor for a one-on-one talk a while ago. I thought it’s about a suspension again, but my mistake. It’s my yearly evaluation! :)

Hmm.. Have I ever told you that it’s my first time to last a year in a work place? Haha! It’s one of my greatest achievements, actually. LOL!

Well, I got an “above-average” rating! Haha! Thanks for the favorable evaluation, Ate Aubrey! ♥

I got 14 absences for the past 12 months..

200+ minutes of late..

I never thought I accumulated all of them within a year.

Well, I was expecting a higher total, but I was mistaken.

That meeting was a nice break from my auditing works.. Haha! So after I post this, I have to focus on all local camps again. :)

BTW, our supervisor told me that I’m still on probationary for the Auditor position. If I won’t like my work in here, I’ll just be a slacker. He might demote me. Hahahahaha!

Oh well.. Back to work! :)




♥ Huntress


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