#100HappyDays | March 20, 2014

DAY 25

I’ve been very busy with my new auditing task, and I almost miss my daily update about my happy days. Haha! However, I promised myself that I won’t fail this challenge. And this new task is not an acceptable reason for me to fail. ;)

I just finished auditing one cycle! Yehey! Technically speaking, it’s not a complete cycle..  but I just finished the ones that were assigned to me by OH. I’m about to start another cycle after I post this update. Whew! I hope there’ll be lesser comments that are deleted or missing. :)

If you would notice, I was focusing my happy days on my work assignments. It’s just that I haven’t found anything special in my daily routine. Haha! I’ll be updating more of my personal stuff in my weekend post. I have lots of topics to share, and plans that I need some honest opinions. ;)

While on my travel to our office, I saw a newspaper ad from the Philippine Star. They’re looking for new talents, specifically for Feature Writers. Do you think I can be qualified? Haha! I’m planning to work on the sample article on weekend. I don’t know if I can finish that. Hopefully, I could.

So that’s all for today. :)

I still have to finish lots of things. Haha!



♥ Huntress


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