#100HappyDays | March 21, 2014

DAY 27




I’ve been awake for the past 36 hours, guys! Taking a picture of mine at this moment isn’t the best thing to do ’cause I am so haggard. >.<


My cousin asked me if I can stay with him at the hospital for today. I said I can, and so I have to endure two hours of travel from our office to Calamba, Laguna.


It might be a long ride, but it was “memorable”. I was able to look back at our OWL Team building. I was really shocked by the familiarity of the place. Can you imagine it? Laguna is also a large place, and I was there. Back where it all started. ;)


As I passed by WalterMart, I can imagine how silent and sad HE is. I can imagine how he asked me to look for our colleague. Those memories when we’re still “friends” are coming back to me.


Then, the rain poured. It only reminds me of him…


I stopped at Jollibee to buy some breakfast, but I was startled with one of their service crews. He is a tall and skinny man. He has the same name as “HIM”.. Though he’s more handsome than OH. lol! (Peace OH!)


The day passed, and I still can’t accept that things are reminding me of our precious moments. Until I came to the office and opened my Twitter home page. He’s here again.. (CLARIFICATION: He’s not the owner of the Twitter page. It happened that their names are inter-related.)

whoever you are @ajj_javier, you completed my day! Hahahah!


HE’s like a ghost. HE’s not physically here, but I can feel his presence.


I don’t know if that’s considered a good news..


But I know my heart shouts he’s worth remembering.





BTW, my cousin is already discharged from the hospital a while ago. His platelet count is already high, according to his doctor. I saw the recommendations and doctor’s advises to him. It was written in pure Tagalog, and we’re both laughing as we read the instructions. We’re not used to doctor’s prescriptions in our vernacular. It’s usually written in English. Haha! Things changed, perhaps. ;P


He still have to visit his doctor on Monday. I hope nothing bad will happen in the next days so that he won’t be confined again. I ask for your prayers so that he’ll have continuous healing. :)


Well, I am BACK with my lengthy post. Haha! I hope this will happen again in the next days. Fingers crossed!




♥ Huntress


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