#100HappyDays | March 23, 2014

DAY 29

It’s a blessed Sunday once again, guys! I’ve been given the chance to enjoy my rest day. And that means more sleep! Yay!

However, my mind doesn’t want to rest. After seeing the eco-bag that contains all the supplier’s fliers from the past Wedding Expo, I thought I had a task to do. I started sorting all of them, and I already selected those that I love. I’ll be posting a detailed post about this later, and I’ll also include my experience in the Themes and Motifs event. You should wait for that! ;)

After spending 5 hours on those suppliers, I continued reading the Darkangel by Meredith Ann Pierce. It was book one of a trilogy, and I’m so looking forward to read the next books. I hope Angelica can find the copies of the books. Haha! I just borrowed it to her. I had this sudden addiction to vampires, and I don’t know why. ;p


The Darkangel reissue
photo courtesy of Google… ♥

I’ll be posting a book review too. I have lots of posts in line, right? I just hope WordPress and Blogger won’t suspend my account. Haha! :)

My aunt always wonder how I manage to stay in my room within 24 hours. The secret? My love for books and for writing. As long as these two are with me, I can manage being trapped in my own dreamland. And no one can ever disturb me there. (Oh sorry! It depends on who wants to take my attention. Haha!)


♥ Huntress


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