On Weddings Part 4 | Wedding Events

WHAT: Wedding Expo 2014
WHEN: March 8-9, 2014
WHERE: SMX Convention Center
EVENT ORGANIZER: Themes And Motifs


Hi everyone!


Wedding enthusiasm is back after so looong. Haha! Kidding aside, I want to share my so-called “experience” with the Wedding Expo.


I wasn’t able to attend the first day of the event, so I missed the opening number by the Company. It’s really frustrating, yet my desire to take a rest and sleep won over my desire to see them perform. LOL!


Since I don’t have anything to do on that Sunday, I decided to drag my friend with me at the expo. My soon-to-be husband isn’t around, so I need somebody’s idea other than my preference. Angelica, I suppose, is a nice person to drag along. (Peace girl..)


No one is allowed to take pictures for the sake of the distributor’s intellectual property, something like that, so I won’t be able to post photos for you. I hope we’ll be allowed to do so in the next event. Fingers crossed!



I was one of the pre-registered soon-to-weds and I was given this name tag after I submitted my ticket:

I’ve been expecting lots of distributors, but I’m really surprised that they’re PLENTY of them. I got 106 suppliers on my list, and I’m so sure that I didn’t get ALL of their fliers/business cards.


Result of the Wedding Expo?

I was able to bring home fliers, calling cards, and discount cards from 106 suppliers.


I was able to bring home a copy of the latest issue of their wedding magazine.


I was able to bring home an eco-bag.


I was invited to attend two food tasting events, which I was unable to attend to due to personal reasons.


I was looking forward to attending the next Bridal Fair this coming June. Oh my! I am so excited!
You wanna join me on their next event?


Just visit www.themesnmotifs.com to get your free tickets. ;)


Don’t miss the fun, guys!


See yah there!



♥ Huntress


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