#100HappyDays | March 28, 2014

DAY 34

Wow! I already finished 1/3 of this challenge! I am actually amazed how I manage to share all the things that make me happy. Or should I say, how I managed to remember them, even the smallest things that completes my day.

Glen is back today! He was actually two days late from our agreed schedule, but that’s OK. What matters most is that he’s gonna stay with me again for quite some time.

My WordPress blog is back! (Obviously, it is!) The WP admins told me that it was suspended for “spam activities”. After reviewing my page, they decided that the action was, indeed, an error on their part.


If you want to catch up with my updates on day 31-33, you can check it out on my Blogger account or click on the links below:






♥ Huntress


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