Month: April 2014

Super Late Update(s)!

I actually consider myself a LOSER in this happy days challenge. It’s all beacause of my laziness and sickness within the previous days. However, let me share some special events that happened from April 17 until present.

APRIL 17 | DAY 54
It’s Holy Thursday and most of the malls were closed. Thanks to WalterMart, we had the chance to hang out somewhere else aside from our sweet little room.

Though Glen isn’t feeling good due to hang over, he still joined us. I asked my Aunt to come with me, as well as his youngest child. We just bought speakers for the two guys, shoes for myself, and ice cream for everyone!

APRIL 18 | DAY 55
Glen’s birthday!

It is so awkward to celebrate his birthday since it’s Good Friday. We planned to visit his brothers at Marikina, but we weren’t able to do so since he’s not feeling well. Blame all those headaches to the bottle of liquor that they drank last Wednesday! Arghh!

So, we just stayed at home, waited for a nice movie to watch, ate, and then slept. Good thing he felt better after all the rest that he had. :)

APRIL 19 | DAY 56
Glen’s brothers called us that morning. They were asking if we’ll still visit them. After preparing ourselves, we endured a long and hot travel from Parañaque to Marikina! :)

I met his older brother and his wife for the first time. If only you could feel the tension that I was feeling that time. I was literally hyperventilating!

Side note: His brothers married pretty ladies. I wonder why he has to choose me. I’m not as pretty as they are. :)

APRIL 20 | DAY 57

We woke up at 11am due to the water that flowed to our bedding. We were informed that the child from the neighborhood played with the mineral water and accidentally poured all of them at the floor.

After lunch, Glen and his older brother, Aries, watched a movie. Me? I fell asleep. Haha! I am so sleepy since I didn’t enjoy much sleep that night. Totally disturb by all the drunk people. Hmp!

APRIL 21 | DAY 58
Back to work!

Though I still feel weak and restless, I have to go to work. I feel like my bed is calling for me and wants me to stay with it. Haha! If only I can take another absent. But na-ah. I have to GO TO WORK.
I watched Diary ng Panget tonight. Hehe! It’s not a grand movie, but it justified the novel. Honestly, I watched the movie ’cause of my beloved James Reid! :)

APRIL 22 | DAY 59
Nothing significant. I started auditing tonight. I am so lazy to start with the work, but I pushed myself to start working.

I updated my new WordPress account this time. I wanted to work on the Blogging Challenge, but it seems like I don’t have enough inspirations to continue working on it. Well, whatever. Haha!

APRIL 23 | DAY 60
Suspension extension!

I was given another five days suspension for browsing unrelated sites during work house. The funny thing is, we’re all caught when we have nothing to do. We’re still waiting for the next cycle to be launched. Haha! Crazy, isn’t it? Others doesn’t even know that we’re doing, and yet he feels like he knows everything. Oh, come on!

On the other hand, I signed a new contract with this company as a Link Placement Senior Writer. Sounds like a promotion, right? Well, I am personally disappointed with this and I don’t think if I’ll be staying much longer in this position. I have 8 days to hunt for another job, right? Haha!


APRIL 24 | DAY 61
A moment with drummer boy.

Well, it is an awkward moment with him. Haha! I won’t humiliate myself even more through this post. And I think I never wish another awkward moment with him. Never again.

APRIL 25 | DAY 62
Anime’s resignation.

I was informed of this sad, sad news about Anime’s resignation. I am really sad to know that he’s not coming back anymore. I feel sad to even think that I will never see him again.

On the other hand, I am so happy for him. He’s now free from all the pressures and tension that was given to all the members of his team. If I’m not mistaken, he’s one of the youngest members of their team. He shouldn’t ruin his teenage life working on a job that can’t compensate according to their given workload.

Adios Anime.

APRIL 26 | DAY 63
AJ’s birthday!

It’s our third month as a couple, as well. We didn’t have any grand celebration this day, but we planned to have our “date” next week. If and only if he can extend his stay until the weekend.

Me and the Maldita’s also had our pizza party at Joey Pepperoni. We got lots of disappointment, but I guess the bonding makes it all worth it. Though, I am really sorry for being the last to come. >.<

I also bought two good books today: Why Do We Have to Live with Men and Born in Fire.

APRIL 27 | DAY 64
Sickness day!

We were awaken by a knock on our front door. It was my aunt, with Jihanna, and they wanted to spend some time in our room. We’re so unprepared; imagine too much clutter in our room! Haha! Anyway, they just stayed for about 10-15 minutes, and they went back to their room upstairs. :)

I rested for the whole day. Sleep and eat and drink medicine. That means Glen did the laundry, cooking, dish washing, and room cleaning.

APRIL 28 | DAY 65
It is the last glance..
I was so shocked to see Mr. Anime in our office tonight. I thought he was here to contradict the resignation announcement, but he was here to confirm that. He’s not on his usual Monday attire, so I already knew he was leaving.

Anyway, I am thankful to know someone like him. A very cute guy who’s a bit shy and a bit bubbly. I wasn’t able to bond with him, as in never, but I love looking at him while he talks with his teammates.

Adios Anime. You will be missed. Forever.

(But not like the way I miss the original Anime. haha!)

On the other hand, my suspension dates are moved. I’ll be rendering my suspension on June 2-6, which means I can have a week-long celebration of my birthday. This is the vacation that I badly need, and the chance to go find another darn job. Hehe! Fingers crossed. Hope everything will work out as planned. :)


So. here it is!

#100HappyDays Challenge, updated! :)

Stay happy!


♥ Huntress


Daily Prompt: Because the Night

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?


Obviously, I am a night owl.


My work schedule is at night time, 8pm to 5am respectively. I have to press all my creative juices just to make sure that I’ll be able to finish the assigned tasks to me through the whole shift.


I have to admit, my creative juices and productivity doesn’t depend on the time of the day. It depends on my mood, my surroundings, or my feelings. I can work faster and more appropriate when I am happy, but the other way around when I am depressed.


I can finish my articles whether it’s morning or midnight. I jut need to have a prepared emotions in doing so. :)


Hooray for all night owls out there!


..and to all the early birds as well. ♥



In response to: Because the Night.

#100HappyDays Update!

I wasn’t able to post my update yesterday since I can’t contain my extreme happiness about a good news that was given to me. Let me use this opportunity to update you guys about the recent things happening here.

APRIL 15, 2014 | DAY 52

For others, punishments are crucial, heartbreaking, and awful. But for me, it means vacation, rest, coziness, fun, enjoyment, travel, excitement, and HAPPINESS! Yes, I was suspended for the second time around, but that means three days of fun and family bonding. Yay! I’m really so excited!

ayin 4.14.14

Here’s the “screenshot” of my Twitter account sent to me by our supervisor. Thanks to Carla Abellana and Kiray, I was granted my much-awaited vacay! Woohoo!



APRIL 16, 2014 | DAY 53

“I am so tired of doing nothing!”

This is our favorite line when we have nothing to do and we are limited in using the internet. There were times that you’ll just lay your plans on how to kill your darn ex-partner within your 9 hours of idle moment.


Auditing is already done yesterday, so today is also my so-called “rest day”. My teammates are asking me if I am busy, then they’ll ask me to share the live reports to them. Technically, I am the official “share” person for the day! Haha! Thanks to my access on SOME of the reports.



On another note, it’s holy week again. It’s gonna be a fun time; no work to think about. However, it shouldn’t just be a time for your pleasure, rest, and satisfaction. We should be reminded of the true purpose of the celebration – remembering Christ’s sacrifice at the Cross for our salvation.

In this regard, may I share one of my favorite Christian song. This never fail to make cry every time I hear it. At The Cross from Hillsong.


Stay happy and free!


♥ Huntress

An Ode to My Mug

Good day fellas!

I’ve read a post from the Daily Post and it talks about blogging ideas. I wanted to test my “writing skills” again, so here it is. I hope you’ll like it!


Not actually “my” mug that I’m gonna talk about, but it looks like this one. Hehe! Photo courtesy of Google images. ♥


An Ode to My Mug

A year have passed, and who would have known
that you’ll endure a year in my possession..
Is it your material that made you last longer?
Or the memories that you own protects you from being broken..

You never complained, never said a word,
Whether you’re holding something hot or cold..
You beautify my place due to your heart-shaped mold,
And you please my taste with the drinks that you hold..

You’ve fallen, but you continue to rise,
Knowing that you’re important to my eyes.
One day you’ll see that I’ll be thanking thee,
For the lovely memories you’ve had with me..

In response to Daily Post: Five Post to Write Right Now



♥ Huntress


Weekend and 100 Happy Days Updates

I guess it will be considered a loss, but I wasn’t ab;e to post my updates during weekends. My laptop is still broken, and I don’t have any internet connection to work with. However, I still want to keep track of my daily activities and happy days!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

DAY 49

After two weeks of less rest and less sleep, I was able to complete 8 hours of sleep! It’s really refreshing, and I think all my lost energy revived in me. Haha! I was also given the chance to think of another plot for another story. I just wish I’ll be able to finish one first before I proceed with another Filipino article.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

DAY 50

Halfway there! It’s not easy to track your happy days, but it’s all worth it. I’ve been able to see what I was doing for the past 50 days. I never thought I was that busy. You know, I was thinking that I have this boring life and corny routine.

I watched the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley. I was watching it seriously until the radio announcer mentioned that our Pinoy Pride won the fight. I still tried to finish the fight, but my eyelids dropped and I fell asleep. Hahah!

Monday, April 14, 2014

DAY 51

I watched Authors Anonymous while waiting for some work to be done. It’s kinda a documentary, and I’m sure others will dump this movie. However, it talks about writers. I am a writer, so I loved the plot. I hope more writers will watch this movie and know something about the publishing world. :)

official poster c/o Google


Stay Happy! :))



♥ Huntress

#100HappyDays | April 11, 2014

DAY 48

It’s baby Jihanna’s 7th month-day!

Jihanna and her pretty white dress during her baptism day! ♥


We have this “tradition” that we celebrate baby’s birthdate every month. Hmm. I hope you could get the point. Haaha!
Anyway, I browsed my ex-bf’s Facebook page just to download some of my photos. I got the copies of my photos when we visited Jed’s Island in Bulacan.
Time for #FlashbackFriday!!!! :))




One of my favorite photos. It’s my DP in my G+ account. haha! ♥


Stay Happy everyone! :)


♥ Huntress

#100HappyDays | April 10, 2014

DAY 47

It’s hard to start a blog. It’s harder to start a novel!


I’ve been fighting my mental block as I start a new novel entitled Every Little Thing.


I’ll be posting a chapter in a bit. I’m just finishing the scene. I hope you’ll like it! :)



Stay Happy!



♥ Huntress