LONG WEEKEND and #100HappyDays Updates

It’s been a looooong weekend for me. I’ve go ome great stories for you guys, and I hope you’d spend some of your time in reading my updates.


1. My brother’s birthday
For a change, I asked my sister to buy a cake for my brother. He doesn’t receive any special treatments on his birthday. I guess it’s time for him to know that he’s special for all of us. It’s not a big party, but at least there’s something to remind us that it’s his birthday.

Cake worth 495php. With lots of candles. LOL!
Sorry for the additional clutter. That’s my brother while blowing his 14 candles. :)

I don’t really know what his initial reaction was, since they’re still at the province. However, it’s nice to know that he didn’t hesitate in blowing his candles. He’s now 14 years old! Time flies by so fast that we don’t even notice that our little boy is slowly being a man now.
2. Visit to Marikina
It was a long and tiring travel. With the severe heat of the sun and the slow move of the not-so-cool aircon bus, we’re trapped on the road for almost two hours. Spell torture? I didn’t have the energy to visit the malls, as planned, since I slept already as soon as we arrived Kuya Aries’ place.

Ate Arlyn bought some coffee cake. I was informed that it was Kuya Aries’ advanced birthday celebration. Hehe! They also gave us spaghetti from Greenwich. (They’re really spoiling me a bit, eh? They gave me two of my favorites!)
SUNDAY (#100HappyDays – DAY 36)

It was Jihanna’s baptism day!

We picked up the cake at Joy San Gabriel’s place around 10am. (That’s the reason why were not able to attend the mass and the baptism ceremony itself.) We reach our place at 12noon already; just in time for the visitors to come home and eat.

Ms. Joy is so kind and accomodating. She even gave me 25php discount! I’ll be featuring her and her cakes in a special review. I just need to get the photos from my bf’s sister. ;)

Night time is fun time!

They’re all drunk. Haha! It’s fun to see them all tipsy; they’re talking about anything and everything under the sun. We, the girls, talk about our girl stuff.. while the boys talk about their work, fraternity, and 300. Yes, that was the movie. Haha!

What I love in this drinking session is the white sparkling juice given by my cousin’s friend. That’s the best drinking finale that I’ve ever had. Haha! They saved the best drink for last round. :)

Kuya Jerome’s friends made fun of the “relationship” thingy between Glen and me, and with Ronel and Julie. Glen and Julie are siblings, as in brothers and sisters. And Ronel and I are cousins. Haha! I don’t relly know what’s bothering them. They seemed pretty amazed with the situation. :)

Drunk people never fail to show dramatic scenes, did they? I won’t give you the details. But as I’ve known before, words from drunk people are actually the words that their hearts want to say. I guess I have to believe that.

MONDAY (#100HappyDays – Day 37)


I still had the chance to savor the carrot cake from Ms. Joy, as well as their brownies. I decided to call it brownies, though I’m not really sure it’s supposed to be called that way. Haha!

Due to hang-over and sleepy eyes, I decided not to come to work that night. I’m not sure I’d be able to reach Makati with my headache. Another salary deduction, but health is my priority. (Chos!)

TUESDAY (#100HappyDays – Day 38)

Picture taking!

While we’re waiting for our brunch, I took this photo. He’s watching TV, and he just knew I took a picture after I showed it to him. Sadly, I wasn’t able to upload all my selfies. I didn’t expect Julie will leave soon. :(

I just hope she’ll be able to upload the photos as soon as possible. Wish me luck! :p

So.. that’s all for today! :)

How are you? ;)


♥ Huntress


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