#100HappyDays Weekend Updates

100 Happy Days – DAY 42 | April 5

Let’s start my weekend with the picture taking with my office-mates. They called it “Project Paminta 2014” I dunno if it’s the result of the boring shift, or it’s just because they’re in the mood to pose and take photos.






I asked my friend if she can come with me at Baclaran Market. I bought two plates, 6 spoons, and 6 forks! Addition to my utensils, eh? Haha! At least we have reserved utensils in case some friends might visit my place.

I used the remaining hours of Saturday to sleep and take some rest. I’ve had a tiresome week, so I believed I well deserved a peaceful sleep.



100 Happy Days – DAY 43 | April 6

It’s a crazy Sunday! It was already late in the evening when my boyfriend decided to play some Word Search puzzle. I started laughing, as I think of some corny jokes in my head.

“Why are you laughing?” asked my BF.

“I have a joke, babe. Would you like to hear it?” I replied.

“Come on. Just make sure it’s funny.”

I glared at him. He smiled and told me to start my “joke”.

“Knock-knock,” I started.

“Who’s there”


“Write who?”

And I started singing, (the tune is derived from Lady Gaga’s bad romance) “Wri-i-ite.. Write-wri-i-ite, Write-wri-i-ite.. WRITE your bad romance.”

Then I laughed as hard as I can. Then I heard him laughing too!

“You’re crazy, don’t you know that?”

“I am crazy. You’re crazier ’cause you’ve fallen in love with me.”

And then, there’s silence.



After a while, I started giggling again.

“What’s the next word?” he asked, curious about the next knock-knock joke that I was about to spill.


“Who’s there?”


“Rush who?”

“I don’t want to stay another minute..I don’t want you to say a single word.. Rush Rush, Rush Rush..” (Hush-Hush by the Pussycat Dolls)

This time, he laughed harder than I did. Haha! I was running out of breathe, and I need to control myself before I pass out. ;)

Then he asked, “Is that the effect of pineapple? Don’t you dare eat that fruit again!”

“That’s the effect of being threatened.” I replied.

And then, there’s silence.

He continued finding the words from the puzzle, while I find more air to breathe. I might be killed by my craziness, yah know. :)

With a smile on my face, I just fell asleep and I haven’t noticed as to what time did he stopped doing the puzzles.



100 Happy Days – DAY 44 | April 7


This is some sort of continuation about those corny knock-knock jokes, but it started while we’re preparing our breakfast.

“I still have one knock-knock joke left,” I told him.

“Oh nice. You’re mind’s pretty fast in thinking all the crazy stuff eh. Who’s there?”

“Kuwago.” (For my foreign followers, it means OWL)

“Kuwago who?”

“Tell me when will you be mine.. tell me kuwago, kuwago, kuwago”

And he laughed.

Then, he told me to stop.



I guess my point is, I missed being that crazy. When I was still with Luis, I have to please him all the time. I was like a robot, programmed to do whatever he wants me to do. Now, I am enjoying the freedom. I could be crazy. I could laugh out loud. I could be ME. Only me. And someone’s out there to accept whatever my flaws are. He had me at my worst, but it feels like he’s been helping me to be myself again.

Stay happy people!

♥ Huntress


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