Bride For Rent

Movie fans out there? Let’s start making some noise about our favorite movies that are released on the first quarter of the month! Are you ready for some action-packed scenes, heavy drama, and corny pick-up lines that might come along your way? Well then, brace yourselves!


Let me start with Star Cinema’s first offer for the year 2014. Bride for Rent is directed by Mae Czarina Cruz, one of the most sought director who produces awesome movies. This was released last January 15, 2014.

The main characters were Rocco and Rocky. One happy-go-lucky man who’s set to receive money from his trust fund, and one poor lady who needs to earn money for her family.

I’ve already watched various movies wherein Kim Chui got the lead role. As expected, she did a great job in portraying the life of Rocky; someone who’s tough and who can do anything to help her parents. Someone who’s willing to give all that she can in order to help other people. She’s someone who can do anything for love.

This movie convinced me that Xian Lim is, indeed, one of the best actors in our generation. He put justice to Rocco’s character! Or I guess I’m just charmed by his awesome looks and oh-so-lovable smile. Hehe! Kidding aside, I’m sure all those KimXi fans experienced “kilig-overload” while watching the movie. Am I right?

Movie story? I love it! I commend the writers who worked on the script and the plot. I’m sure those pseudo relationships exist in the real world. There are times that those poor girls have to pass their limit and fool other people for the sake of earning money for their family. At the same time, there were rich men who wanted to claim all the riches that they can acquire by hook or by crook.

I also love the idea of the AVP about marriages. In our recent situation, most of the marriages end up in separation. It’s nice to hear some tips about successful marriages, and there might be some couples  who are in desperate need of advices just to save their relationship.

Kudos to the whole Bride for Rent family! Aside from being the second highest grossing Filipino romantic comedy movie of all-time, you brought joy and love to the Filipino people. Well, I’m sure there were foreign hearts who were touched by this movie too. Congratulations!

Final Rating: 9


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