#100HappyDays Update!

I wasn’t able to post my update yesterday since I can’t contain my extreme happiness about a good news that was given to me. Let me use this opportunity to update you guys about the recent things happening here.

APRIL 15, 2014 | DAY 52

For others, punishments are crucial, heartbreaking, and awful. But for me, it means vacation, rest, coziness, fun, enjoyment, travel, excitement, and HAPPINESS! Yes, I was suspended for the second time around, but that means three days of fun and family bonding. Yay! I’m really so excited!

ayin 4.14.14

Here’s the “screenshot” of my Twitter account sent to me by our supervisor. Thanks to Carla Abellana and Kiray, I was granted my much-awaited vacay! Woohoo!



APRIL 16, 2014 | DAY 53

“I am so tired of doing nothing!”

This is our favorite line when we have nothing to do and we are limited in using the internet. There were times that you’ll just lay your plans on how to kill your darn ex-partner within your 9 hours of idle moment.


Auditing is already done yesterday, so today is also my so-called “rest day”. My teammates are asking me if I am busy, then they’ll ask me to share the live reports to them. Technically, I am the official “share” person for the day! Haha! Thanks to my access on SOME of the reports.



On another note, it’s holy week again. It’s gonna be a fun time; no work to think about. However, it shouldn’t just be a time for your pleasure, rest, and satisfaction. We should be reminded of the true purpose of the celebration – remembering Christ’s sacrifice at the Cross for our salvation.

In this regard, may I share one of my favorite Christian song. This never fail to make cry every time I hear it. At The Cross from Hillsong.


Stay happy and free!


♥ Huntress


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