An Ode to My Mug

Good day fellas!

I’ve read a post from the Daily Post and it talks about blogging ideas. I wanted to test my “writing skills” again, so here it is. I hope you’ll like it!


Not actually “my” mug that I’m gonna talk about, but it looks like this one. Hehe! Photo courtesy of Google images. ♥


An Ode to My Mug

A year have passed, and who would have known
that you’ll endure a year in my possession..
Is it your material that made you last longer?
Or the memories that you own protects you from being broken..

You never complained, never said a word,
Whether you’re holding something hot or cold..
You beautify my place due to your heart-shaped mold,
And you please my taste with the drinks that you hold..

You’ve fallen, but you continue to rise,
Knowing that you’re important to my eyes.
One day you’ll see that I’ll be thanking thee,
For the lovely memories you’ve had with me..

In response to Daily Post: Five Post to Write Right Now



♥ Huntress



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