Catching Up!

Boredom breaks my heart, you know that. I’ve been a busy bee (at work) since I have to finish the auditing sheet before enjoying my vacation. Anyway, allow me to publish another set of updates for my #100HappyDays Challenge.



April 29 | DAY 66

I was still sick, and all I wanna do is take a nap and have lots of rest. Unfortunately, I have some work to do so I have to get up early and prepare for working hours.

I received an invitation to my cousin’s wedding while I was browsing my Facebook profile. Truth is, I’m not sure about attending the wedding. First reason, I can’t be absent or late from work, or else I’d be expecting additional three days suspension (or termination) from our dearest shift manager.

Second reason, I am shy. Hehe! I feel ashamed to attend the wedding without any gift for the newly wed. Though I think they’re not requiring those for the family members.



April 30 | DAY 67

Nothing special. Really. I can’t remember any significant scene in my Wednesday.

Well, I guess watching three episodes of Detective Conan that night should be added to my list.

If not really sure if this was the exact date, but I was able to watch That Awkward Moment!



May 1 | DAY 68

Glen’s departure. Our one month deal is over, and he has to go home whether I like it or not. I asked him if he could stay for a few days more, but I know his family needs him back home. Well, I have to deal with my sickness all by myself.

Anyway, we’re celebrating the Labor Day today. This is a tribute to all the working men and women of the Republic of the Philippines. Well, I don’t really know if other countries celebrate the same occasion at the same time. Kudos to all the workers who’ve been very useful in the development of the Philippines. (May I also appeal to all those government officials who are corrupting our taxes. Please, listen to your conscience. If you still have one. Haha!)

During our lunch break, I was able to watch Rio 2! What a nice movie, isn’t it? :)



May 2 | DAY 69

I am officially 21 years and 11 months! It’s the start of the 30-day countdown again before my birthday. I am not really expecting a grand celebration, but I just wanna celebrate it with my friends. Just like the old times.

Since it’s Friday, there’s nothing else to do but wait for the coming weekend. The girl needs some rest, right? And I was so excited to spend the rest of the weekend at home. Sleeping all day and all night. LOL!



May 3 | DAY 70

I received a call from my sister that morning, telling me that somebody called them to announce that they won 250,000 Php! The condition is, they have to send 600 Php of load to that caller before he/she send the money to Bicol. Haha! What a scam!

They were pretty excited about the money, and requested if I’m willing to pick up the money here in Makati. I said NO. I know it was just a scam. I’m afraid those people might do something that could harm me. Better safe than sorry.

I was convinced that it was a scam since the caller got angry while the negotiation was happening. My sister was asking if he could send the money first before sending the load. But the caller was already yelling and telling her that if she doesn’t want the money, she’ll give it to the needy. End of story.

So, I enjoyed sleeping and sleeping after that hilarious call. Haha!



May 4 | DAY 71

Whether you believe it or not, I was sleeping the whole day and whole night!

It was the first time I fully realized that Glen isn’t around anymore. And I am totally alone. :)



May 5 | DAY 72

Manic Monday once again!

My job hunting isn’t really productive, and I guess I still have to exert more effort just to make sure I have another job by July.I submitted a few resumes, and I hope employers will notice those. :)



May 6 | DAY 73

Attending the Change Management Seminar..

I hope you could imagine how intimidating it was to stay in a room with all the department managers. I darn nervous; I never knew I was a part of that training. Haha! I was just called to attend the so-called “meeting”, only to know it was a seminar hosted by the HR.

Anyway, it’s nice to be part of that seminar. I don’t know if I’ll be needing it in my last days in this company.. but I love the inputs. For sure I could use that “Start, Stop, and Continue” activity for a youth-group activity. :)



May 7 | DAY 74

Moving from one station to another.Haha! Due to annoying log in and “temporary accounts” problems, I came back to my station. From WS 49 to WS 36 and then back to WS 49. :)

Again, nothing special.

Only that, I saw Drummer Boy pass in front of me back and forth for three times. Haha! His presence is really a great help in completing my day.




So, I guess I was able to catch up with the updates. Haha!

Hope I’ll be able to hold myself until the Change Management Seminar was over next shift.


Looking forward for a new certificate! :)



Stay happy everyone!





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