I guess I am in desperate need of updating and catching up with the recent happenings in my dearest life. Haha! With all the excitement of my upcoming vacation, I can’t keep my mind off the swimming parties and bonding sessions that I have to face in just a few days.


Sit back and relax as I give you some updates about my #100HappyDays! :)


May 8 | DAY 75


Time for throwback Thursdays! Haha! But honestly, I didn’t have much time to take another selfie and post it in here. I guess I’ll just elaborate on other topics than talk about the past. Eh? :)


It was the final session of our Change Management Training and I was still “starstruck” the presence of the managers and supervisors around me. It’s nice to know the certain issues that they wish to resolve, but it’s sad to know that our team doesn’t have a big part in it. Well, I guess our team has to wait for another opportunity to be the stars in the spotlight. JK!


May 9 | DAY 76



After months of thinking about it, I finally drafted my resignation letter. It’s already at my gmail account with the respective recipients. I can’t send it as soon as possible, but the decision is already final. So that means I am an active job hunter and by this time, I am also opening online job opportunities. Wish me luck!


May 10 | DAY 77

Saying goodbye.


I just don’t know what’s happening to me, but the 10th of the month brings loneliness that I can’t ignore. Maybe I was missing someone, or it’s just my depression is not yet over. I need some breathe of fresh air.


I removed things that remind me of him. Starting with my beloved blue log book, I had the chance to read all the uncertainties that caused my sadness for too long. I am glad to know that my sacrifices are over, but it’s still crushing my heart into pieces. I don’t know if that would be a good thing or not. I’m just convinced that I shall have a  new life after that.


After all the mess with the papers, I have to drift myself to sleep and forget all those messy thoughts.


May 11 | DAY 78


my parents!


That pretty woman in pink is my Mom. For sure she’ll get mad at me after reading this post. hahaha! She doesn’t want the hot seat, you know. Happy Mother’s Day!


I’ve been sleeping the whole day, so I decided to get out and do something productive. Hehe! I guess updating my page is one way to maintain my EO policy! :)



That’s all for today..


GTG for now..


And talk to you again tomorrow..


PS: Belated Happy Birthday my dear popoy! ♥



Stay Happy..





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