Dearest Chou..

As I think about bittersweet moments that we had last night, I wrote this simple poem. I don’t know if my full emotions are shown here. But my love for him, since the first time I said I love him, remains all true.

Dear Chou,

Who would have thought that this time would come?
You by my side and we’re having so much fun.
It’s been so long since you’ve been gone,
And all I thought this relationship is done.

Who would have guessed that you’ll hug me tighter?
When my days are mourning and my laughs are bitter..
You’ve been the sun that makes my mornings brighter
And the moon that shines when the nights are darker.

It’s been years, isn’t it?
But I never realized how long has passed.
I’ve tried so hard to let go and forget
And I always end up with regret.

Should I believe you now that you’re here?
Or remain anonymous in loving you my dear.
Should I remain as a friend?
Or a partner who’ll wait for you until the end?



Stay happy!


#100HappyDays Day 94


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