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It’s been a crazy week fellas. I am so happy to say, “Thank God it’s Friday!” Now, all I have to think about is my weekend getaway and how to get adequate rests for the next week. And yeah, add those household chores that I have to finish by Saturday afternoon. Boom! XD


My chores aren’t the main concern of this post ‘cause honestly I can’t object to any of my tasks to do since nobody has to do it for me. This post will talk about some legal concerns I’ve been hearing for the past few days.


Judges gavel and law books stacked behind

Let me start with one of the most common cases in our society today. It is sexual abuse. It’s been really encouraging to see lots of people, men and women, who’ve been courageous enough to share their experiences. I understand how hard it feels to talk about it, especially because I’ve been abused also. Whatever kind of abuse you’ve experienced, you’ll definitely feel so broken, ashamed, and belittled.


As the number of victims grew, lots of support groups are also making their move to save the lives of the victims. Others pull them out of their houses, force them to leave their work where they’ve been abused, or keep them until they recovered from the incident. With those volunteers who are helping the nation, I am so sure that there’ll come a day when victims aren’t hidden and criminals are jailed.


Another case is robbery. It’s been a year since my boarding house was robbed. We never knew who did that; who caused all the trouble in our minds while we’re at a team building in Laguna. My friend, the one who lost important documents due to the incident, has received a new copy of all the important data stored at that pink traveling bag.


In this connection, I’ve heard lots of complains about police visibility. People have been asking where the cops were in times of need. I hope you’ll also understand that all those cops have families to come home to, and children that needs their parents even before they fell asleep. We should understand that their capabilities are limited, and they’re not superheroes with extra powers to serve everyone simultaneously. While other cops aren’t doing their job properly, others are trying so hard to maintain their good reputation for the sake of their families.


A fan of the People’s Champ? If yes, I know you’ve heard of the tax evasion case filed by the BIR against him. At first I thought it was just a joke, but there were lots of news that talked about it. Even his tax records at the US we’re also shown through different media.


In my opinion, there should be a thorough investigation before filling that case against him. Everyone knows where he got all his wealth. It was the product of his determination, tough trainings, and painful fight. He has lots of commercials, and also released an album. They have a family business, too. I don’t exactly know what was happening at the systems of BIR, but I am hoping that the case was already closed. Well, hope it was in favor of the people’s champ.


Lastly, defamation cases. I’ve heard lots of these in show business, where people have been waiting for a celeb’s statement about issues and controversies. Well, even ordinary people have been sued ‘cause of gossips and false accusations. The worst thing I’ve known was the involvement of fiction writers in a libel case. What?


Imagination is the bread and butter of a writer. They create stories through their imagination. They compose poems through their thoughts and ideas which are sometimes out of the ordinary. They live in fantasies, assumptions, and creativity. Sadly, not everyone could understand its sense.


According to my researches, libel is “the act of publishing a false statement that causes people to have a bad opinion of someone”1


So, the final question is: “Could A Writer Be Liable for Libel in Fiction?”


According to Mark Fowler, “You do not libel someone simply by depicting him or her in fictional circumstances. Libel requires a false and defamatory statement of fact “of and concerning” an identifiable living person (or business entity). If real people are depicted in your work only as engaging in acts they actually engaged in, there is no “falsity.” If real people are depicted in your work only as engaging in acts that are not at all untoward, there is no reasonable claim for that your work is “defamatory.” (Of course, your model’s view of whether he or she has been held up to shame and ridicule may differ markedly from yours.) Finally, if readers would not understand the statements you are making about your fictional character to be statements about a real person, then the statements are not “of and concerning” that person.”2


“Again, don’t over-sweat this. Libel in fiction is an infrequent problem and one that can be readily avoided with some advance thought about how you are using real-life models for your fictional characters. Far more challenging and more common is the problem of reducing the risks of a defamation action arising from a tell-all memoir”3


I guess that would be enough to stop bullying those writers who were just doing their hobbies, their jobs, and their journals. I’ve read too many stories and I assumed they’re all about me. Well, I guess that’s because I can relate to the character’s situation or characteristics. But in the end, I do understand that it’s just a work of art. Just a work of their special intellect as a writer.


Cases are all around us and sometimes, we can’t notice them. I’ve been ignoring my law class when I was still in college, but I’ve learned one thing that we should never forget. Law guides our nation, but then there’s always an exemption.


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#TBT: Youth Cell Group

Being part of a cell group helps a lot when you’re just beginning your Christian life. You’ll have someone to talk to when you’ve persecuted. You’ll have someone to confide when you’ve been confused and troubled. Somebody out there would stay with you through thick and thin. Life is a better place when you’re a member.


Allow me to share my experience when I was still a simple member. I attend the Sunday service. I was never late. With my cousins, I also attend our youth fellowship. With my new friends, I was enjoying my life. I was contented. I never cared if I don’t have the so-called “life” as long as I am staying at the church’s premises.


Weeks passed and the music director asked me if I could join the choir. Why would I refuse? I’ve always wanted to be a part of the team, singing praises with joy and thankfulness. At the same time, I love the lessons shared to us every Friday and Saturday night. It helped a lot in my development as a Christian youth.


Months have passed, and I was given another task. I was part of the enlistment team during the Valentine’s Party. I’ve been assigned as a host. I feel so useful. I feel so important. I feel very blessed. I feel I am rightfully chosen.


One Sunday morning, I saw my name listed as a reporter for our dawn prayer. I am so nervous. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do the task. I’ve been more troubled when I saw the chapter; it consists of the names of a specific clan. I am so troubled. How am I gonna explain that? Hmm. I think I studied the chapter for a month, and I delivered it nicely. That’s what they’ve said.


All those assignments happened again and again. I was assigned to preside our Midweek service. I was assigned to lead the opening prayers and offertory prayers. I feel so blessed and useful. I am so happy to serve the church in those little ways.


Until I was given a bigger task: Be the vice president. It’s kinda awkward, since I don’t think the promotion is right. I’m not worth it – that’s what I usually say to myself. But things have worked out right. My ideas have been heard. My suggestions have been considered. My thoughts have been talked about.


I’ve been given committees to lead, events to organize, and tasks to be done.


I feel so special.


Gift Giving 2013
Baptism at Viento del Mar. :)
At Viento Del Mar. Me, Conrad, and Zhel. :)
Gift giving photos. while waiting for our turn. :)
Praise and Worship.. :) Pianists and bassists. :)
Youth Camp. one of my favorites. :)))
Music Team
Group Dance! :D
MC mode. :D
hmm.. wanna say something? :D
Enlistment team. :D
Bham, Paul, and Conrado. :D
Gamesss! :D
I’m sorry Phine. I love the photo, eh? :D
Smile! :D


But now, everything has gone.


I was acknowledged as a newbie when I visited them last time.


I miss being part of the team.


Well, I guess the right thing to say is, “I miss the people whom I’ve fellowshipped with.”


Wherever they were, I hope they’re not feeling the same depression that I’m feeling right now.


And I hope they know that I am still looking forward to seeing them again. In time. :)






#WeddingWednesday – Make Sense

I guess you’ve been tired of reading posts about wedding planning and designs. Let me share to you one wedding I’ve known that will definitely make some changes in your life. Well, I hope it will change your few perspectives.


Ever heard of the Parable of the Ten Virgins? It’s one of the nicest parable I’ve ever heard when I was still on my discipleship training. Based on Matthew 25:1-13, it talks about ten brides who were waiting for their groom to come. Five were wise enough to prepare themselves for the event. The others, the foolish ones, don’t have enough oil with them and are simply, unprepared.


If you’re getting married sooner, I am so sure that you’ve been finalizing lots of things for the celebrations. You’ll make sure that suppliers would come on time. You’ll make sure that your guests are well-informed of the venue and reception. You’ll make sure that you’ll have enough people for the entourage. And so many more. I’m sure you won’t miss any small detail to make enjoy your big day.


Why don’t we talk about our spiritual marriage? That parable is one of the representations of Judgement Day. Let me ask, are you well-prepared for the coming of Christ?


If you asked me this question two years ago, I can answer you with a YES. I could say I am definitely prepared for the judgement day. But now, I am not really sure of it.


Being away from the ministry is pretty hard. I mean, REALLY HARD. It’s hard to begin another ministry when you’ve been out of your home church. I can’t find a place where my heart belongs. Or where the teachings are the same. I know I’ve been expecting those differences, but it was hard for me to adopt. I’ve been troubled.


After two years of living my own life, I’ve given myself another chance to get back on track. I know it’ll be a tough journey, but I know our Savior won’t forsake me in my way.


Waiting for your wedding?


I am waiting for the Judgement Day, WISELY.


My Dream Wedding Series: Invitations

Dreaming of becoming a June bride? Or August? Probably on December. Hehe! Whenever you want to get married, it’s important that you send your invitations a few months before the said date.


With lots of the invitation inspiration you can find on Pinterest, it’s pretty hard to decide on which you must choose. Personally, I find it hard to decide whether to get the traditional invitations or pick out something new.


Let me share to you some of the photos that I’ve found via Google. They’re the prettiest wood invitations I’ve ever seen! I wonder how lovely they’d be when I’m sending it to my guests. ;)



How about you? Any invitation ideas? Feel free to share it. I’d highly appreciate your suggestions! :)




Huntress ♥

My Dream Wedding Series: Destination Weddings

After finding the man (or woman) whom you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with, you’ll be facing the dilemma of choosing your wedding date, location, and theme. Moreover, you’ll have to complete your set of guests, members of the entourage, and even your suppliers. I think it’s best to add those gate-crashers and unwanted visitors who wanted to share (or ruin) your most precious moments. ;)


Let’s admit it ladies, we’ve been dreaming of the best wedding ever! We could only think of those fairytale weddings that would complete our life. Hmm. Would you settle for the traditional church wedding or consider the newest trends in town? It’s pretty hard to decide, right?


As much as I want a traditional church wedding, I also wanted to take the adventurous side of me in my future wedding. It’s time for a destination wedding! :D


Let me warn my dear friends that you have to start saving some funds ‘cause I want my wedding to take place in Europe. Well, that’s if you really wanted to attend MY wedding. Hehe! I wanted to enjoy my wedding ceremony while feeding my eyes with the spectacular views of the most romantic cities of the world. Starting my married life overseas is what I really wanted to experience.


Amidst my amazing daydream about my destination wedding, I wanted to share my realistic desire for that special event. I always loved the view at Mayon Rest House: its view, ambiance, and natural awesomeness. I always wanted to say my vows while on top of the mountain. While my hair was being swayed by the wind. Our happy faces are camouflaged by the green surroundings. I can’t consider myself a nature lover, but I believe a wedding is more romantic when you’re very close to nature.

photos taken in year 2011. I think there’s a lot of improvements in this area by this time. I wish I’ll be able to visit the place when I come back home. :D


If I’m gonna marry a multi-millionaire, I guess my Europe wedding would be so possible. Since I wanted to give you a glimpse of how my future ceremony would look like, let’s just stick to the second option. Destination wedding? Go for that! :)



Lots of love,

Huntress ♥

Uh? Weddings.

Things have been happening so fast lately that I had to check my schedule to make sure I never missed anything. Well, I actually wished I never reviewed my notes ‘cause it reminded of me of the Wedding Expo happening next week! Again, my wedding fever is turned ON!


Let me guess. If you knew me personally, you’d be thinking that this post would reveal my wedding details and schedule. Though I wanted to do so, I haven’t found the groom who would dare to complete my wedding fantasies. ;)




This is just an introduction to my wedding bells. Hahah! After almost a year, I finally finished drafting my dream wedding. As promised, I’ll be posting my inspirations for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and dresses!


If you’re up for another set of wedding specials, feel free to follow my blog and share your comments. Let’s create a wonderful world through our wedding enthusiasm.


Brides or not, brace yourselves, and explore the wonderful world of weddings!




Lots of love,