My Dream Wedding Series: Destination Weddings

After finding the man (or woman) whom you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with, you’ll be facing the dilemma of choosing your wedding date, location, and theme. Moreover, you’ll have to complete your set of guests, members of the entourage, and even your suppliers. I think it’s best to add those gate-crashers and unwanted visitors who wanted to share (or ruin) your most precious moments. ;)


Let’s admit it ladies, we’ve been dreaming of the best wedding ever! We could only think of those fairytale weddings that would complete our life. Hmm. Would you settle for the traditional church wedding or consider the newest trends in town? It’s pretty hard to decide, right?


As much as I want a traditional church wedding, I also wanted to take the adventurous side of me in my future wedding. It’s time for a destination wedding! :D


Let me warn my dear friends that you have to start saving some funds ‘cause I want my wedding to take place in Europe. Well, that’s if you really wanted to attend MY wedding. Hehe! I wanted to enjoy my wedding ceremony while feeding my eyes with the spectacular views of the most romantic cities of the world. Starting my married life overseas is what I really wanted to experience.


Amidst my amazing daydream about my destination wedding, I wanted to share my realistic desire for that special event. I always loved the view at Mayon Rest House: its view, ambiance, and natural awesomeness. I always wanted to say my vows while on top of the mountain. While my hair was being swayed by the wind. Our happy faces are camouflaged by the green surroundings. I can’t consider myself a nature lover, but I believe a wedding is more romantic when you’re very close to nature.

photos taken in year 2011. I think there’s a lot of improvements in this area by this time. I wish I’ll be able to visit the place when I come back home. :D


If I’m gonna marry a multi-millionaire, I guess my Europe wedding would be so possible. Since I wanted to give you a glimpse of how my future ceremony would look like, let’s just stick to the second option. Destination wedding? Go for that! :)



Lots of love,

Huntress ♥


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