Uh? Weddings.

Things have been happening so fast lately that I had to check my schedule to make sure I never missed anything. Well, I actually wished I never reviewed my notes ‘cause it reminded of me of the Wedding Expo happening next week! Again, my wedding fever is turned ON!


Let me guess. If you knew me personally, you’d be thinking that this post would reveal my wedding details and schedule. Though I wanted to do so, I haven’t found the groom who would dare to complete my wedding fantasies. ;)




This is just an introduction to my wedding bells. Hahah! After almost a year, I finally finished drafting my dream wedding. As promised, I’ll be posting my inspirations for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and dresses!


If you’re up for another set of wedding specials, feel free to follow my blog and share your comments. Let’s create a wonderful world through our wedding enthusiasm.


Brides or not, brace yourselves, and explore the wonderful world of weddings!




Lots of love,




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