#WeddingWednesday – Make Sense

I guess you’ve been tired of reading posts about wedding planning and designs. Let me share to you one wedding I’ve known that will definitely make some changes in your life. Well, I hope it will change your few perspectives.


Ever heard of the Parable of the Ten Virgins? It’s one of the nicest parable I’ve ever heard when I was still on my discipleship training. Based on Matthew 25:1-13, it talks about ten brides who were waiting for their groom to come. Five were wise enough to prepare themselves for the event. The others, the foolish ones, don’t have enough oil with them and are simply, unprepared.


If you’re getting married sooner, I am so sure that you’ve been finalizing lots of things for the celebrations. You’ll make sure that suppliers would come on time. You’ll make sure that your guests are well-informed of the venue and reception. You’ll make sure that you’ll have enough people for the entourage. And so many more. I’m sure you won’t miss any small detail to make enjoy your big day.


Why don’t we talk about our spiritual marriage? That parable is one of the representations of Judgement Day. Let me ask, are you well-prepared for the coming of Christ?


If you asked me this question two years ago, I can answer you with a YES. I could say I am definitely prepared for the judgement day. But now, I am not really sure of it.


Being away from the ministry is pretty hard. I mean, REALLY HARD. It’s hard to begin another ministry when you’ve been out of your home church. I can’t find a place where my heart belongs. Or where the teachings are the same. I know I’ve been expecting those differences, but it was hard for me to adopt. I’ve been troubled.


After two years of living my own life, I’ve given myself another chance to get back on track. I know it’ll be a tough journey, but I know our Savior won’t forsake me in my way.


Waiting for your wedding?


I am waiting for the Judgement Day, WISELY.



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