#TBT: Youth Cell Group

Being part of a cell group helps a lot when you’re just beginning your Christian life. You’ll have someone to talk to when you’ve persecuted. You’ll have someone to confide when you’ve been confused and troubled. Somebody out there would stay with you through thick and thin. Life is a better place when you’re a member.


Allow me to share my experience when I was still a simple member. I attend the Sunday service. I was never late. With my cousins, I also attend our youth fellowship. With my new friends, I was enjoying my life. I was contented. I never cared if I don’t have the so-called “life” as long as I am staying at the church’s premises.


Weeks passed and the music director asked me if I could join the choir. Why would I refuse? I’ve always wanted to be a part of the team, singing praises with joy and thankfulness. At the same time, I love the lessons shared to us every Friday and Saturday night. It helped a lot in my development as a Christian youth.


Months have passed, and I was given another task. I was part of the enlistment team during the Valentine’s Party. I’ve been assigned as a host. I feel so useful. I feel so important. I feel very blessed. I feel I am rightfully chosen.


One Sunday morning, I saw my name listed as a reporter for our dawn prayer. I am so nervous. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do the task. I’ve been more troubled when I saw the chapter; it consists of the names of a specific clan. I am so troubled. How am I gonna explain that? Hmm. I think I studied the chapter for a month, and I delivered it nicely. That’s what they’ve said.


All those assignments happened again and again. I was assigned to preside our Midweek service. I was assigned to lead the opening prayers and offertory prayers. I feel so blessed and useful. I am so happy to serve the church in those little ways.


Until I was given a bigger task: Be the vice president. It’s kinda awkward, since I don’t think the promotion is right. I’m not worth it – that’s what I usually say to myself. But things have worked out right. My ideas have been heard. My suggestions have been considered. My thoughts have been talked about.


I’ve been given committees to lead, events to organize, and tasks to be done.


I feel so special.


Gift Giving 2013
Baptism at Viento del Mar. :)
At Viento Del Mar. Me, Conrad, and Zhel. :)
Gift giving photos. while waiting for our turn. :)
Praise and Worship.. :) Pianists and bassists. :)
Youth Camp. one of my favorites. :)))
Music Team
Group Dance! :D
MC mode. :D
hmm.. wanna say something? :D
Enlistment team. :D
Bham, Paul, and Conrado. :D
Gamesss! :D
I’m sorry Phine. I love the photo, eh? :D
Smile! :D


But now, everything has gone.


I was acknowledged as a newbie when I visited them last time.


I miss being part of the team.


Well, I guess the right thing to say is, “I miss the people whom I’ve fellowshipped with.”


Wherever they were, I hope they’re not feeling the same depression that I’m feeling right now.


And I hope they know that I am still looking forward to seeing them again. In time. :)







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