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B.A.D | Why Is It Hard To Say ‘Thanks’?



Oh come on, guys! I know my title sounds hideous, but I have a valid reason for asking that. While others have a long lists of reasons to give thanks, others are being less grateful in life. Why is that so?


Whether we admit it or not, we could easily see those negative situations and bad events in our surroundings. We could easily notice those people who swear, those who wear a sour face, and those who are easily irritated. It’s easier to judge people, or hate them even without a reasonable cause. If the world is obviously in it’s worst condition, complaining about it won’t make any sense.


That reminds me of those people that I meet during my commute to work. Come to think of it, the traffic jams here in our area is like the setting and rising of the sun; you can’t change the fact that it happens from time to time. I can also relate that to an unexpected rainfall during summer. Or an unpleasant surprise from your dear friend.


Since they’ve been commuting from home to work and vice versa, we could all assume that they’ve been accustomed to the harsh effect of the traffic jam. You could imagine 20 to 25 people stuck in the traffic, feeling too warm, and annoyed by the noisy street. I could hear some of the passengers murmuring, saying they’ll be late for work or they can’t watch their favorite show ’cause of the traffic. Figures…


On times like these, I am so thankful that I was blessed with strong feet. There might be times that I’m lazy enough and just wait in the jeepney/bus, but there are courageous times when I start walking to work. It’s pretty nice to walk in the busy streets with strangers; accidentally listening to their jokes, assessing their reactions if they’re talking seriously about work, or just stare at them since they’re good looking. I could walk with couples who are super sweet and those who are quarreling. Others smile at me, and if I’m in the mood to socialize, I could smile back.


While you’ve been haunted by the dilemma of traffic jams, why don’t you count the blessings you’ve had for the day? Thank God for another day that passed, and another night to take a great sleep? Why don’t you thank God for your generous officemate who gave you some sweets? Or acknowledge our Creator for giving you sumptuous meal during lunch break? You still have lots of things to be thankful, whether they’re big or small.


Please, don’t waste all the chance that you have to give thanks. :D






Inspiring? XD


Who would have thought that my rants and random thinking would lead me to this award? Hahah! Thanks to my dearest Kate for giving me such an overwhelming recognition.


My initial reaction to this award was, “OMG! Is this for real?”


Then the next reaction was, “Seriously? I’m inspiring others?”


Haha! Ok! Enough with my hilarious and unbelievable reactions. Again, thanks Kate! :D


To accept this award, awardees must:
– Display the award on their blog
– Announce their win with a blog post and thank the blogger who made the nomination
– Present 10 deserving bloggers with the award
– Link the awardees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment (or ping-back)
– Include an embedded video of their current favorite song


My nominations will go to the following blogs that I follow:



I stumbled upon his post when I was working on that addiction thingy, and I love his post about meditations, pain, and other things about life. I’m sure you could also love his articles in here. :D


2. Pusang Gala

It’s a travel blog, actually, inspiring me to pursue my dream to travel the world. Well, I wanna be realistic today, so I wanna travel in my ever-beloved Philippines first. Hehe!

The blogger is also my former officemate, and he’s a really nice (and silent) guy.


3. FlippyZipFlop

Her posts are really motivating, and her comments in my previous posts make me think about more issues in another perspective. You see, getting advices from people who doesn’t even know me personally is one of the best things I always look forward to. While others are offended by their “too personal/invasive comments”, I love to hear (or to read, technically) what she has to say. It always means something. :D



He’d given me wise and articulate ideas about finance and relationships. I can’t find more words to describe him, guys. Visit his blog and find out what I’ve been talking about. Moreover, he’s a very friendly guy. :D


5. Like Reading On Trains

Aside from my officemates, he was the first Filipino I’ve stumbled upon WordPress. I love his posts, and all the humor that he share to his followers. My favorite post from his blog is entitled, “The Letter That Killed Me | Daily Prompt: Never” :)


6. Thought Catalog

It’s not just a source of inspiration, but a source of information as well. Though I’ve read negative posts about them, at least I like the way they continue to update their posts from time to time.


7. Remember an Inspiring Ocean

She’s not really an active blogger, but when you see an update in her blog, that means she’s up to something you’ll HAVE to read. :D


8. Josh Mangunay

His potential for writing is clearly seen in his blog. It amazes me how he can use day-to-day situations to lessons I’ve never imagined before. As his tagline says, read on and know more about him.


9. Mind’s Seat

I’ve been reading lots about faith and inspiration on their page. You’ll definitely get enough dosage of inspiration and encouragement if you follow their blog.


10. Cute Overload

I’m sorry, but I’m not really an animal-lover. However, this site made me realize that their existence is vital to everyone, and their cuteness can brighten up your day! If you’re too stressed and you’re finding a motivation to smile, just look at their updates! :D


I’ve been so in love with Boyce Avenue in the past days. I’m sure you’ll love their sweet voice, too!



So.. I already did my best! Haha! Thanks for nominating my blog, and congratulations to the ten people I’ve included here. Believe me guys, you deserve an award! *\o/*



B.A.D | What’s With The Fuzz?



I’m sure everyone has a fair share of things to worry. While others are worrying for food, clothing, and shelter, others are seeking for love, attention, and support. Whatever you are thinking about right now, there’s no need to fret and to be depressed so much. It’s time to move on.


I’ve read lots of Bible passages that talks about worrying. I might not quote the exact statement(s), yet I wanted to share to you the entire context; the message that was supposed to be shared to everyone in this world.


We all believe in God’s existence, and with that belief comes the trust to His power, to His mercy, and to His abundance. I’ve heard too many people who say, “God will provide.” Sadly, that belief wasn’t backed up by their actions. Remember my dear friends, we still have to exert our efforts to receive bountiful blessings from our beloved Creator.


I admit I worry about almost EVERYTHING! When it rains, I worry about the flood and the traffic. I worry about what food to prepare, and what food won’t ruin my baby steps to fitness. I worry about finishing another hour of workout without straining my limbs. I worry about the getting more weight than losing them, and failing my first attempt to weight loss. I worry about my sleeping time, if I had lack of sleep or oversleep. If I’m gonna give you a list this instant, I’m sure you’ll close the windows and never ever read this blog again. Hah!


I believe, and my heart really believes, that God will miraculously work along with my perseverance. Yes, I’m not good on starting stuff (since I stop them immediately if I don’t feel any changes), but with determination, encouragement and support, I am sure this weight loss journey will work out just right!


As for my other worries, I pray to God that He’ll prepare my mind, my heart, and my body for all the shortages that will come. I might be in great suffering, but I know He’s still in charge of me. He’s still working on His delicate plan for my survival.


Still worrying?


Just pray! I’m sure it will work to ease your troubles! :D





B.A.D | Had Too Much?



photo source

Oh well. I’m very busy these days. A recent audit fix on a campaign about addiction and alcoholism consumes all of my energy. I came to work tonight without even thinking that I am not yet finished with that task. Gah!


Since I’m still thinking about how the edits would affect my production for the day, let me just share one blog I found. I’ve been searching for posts about journeys to sobriety when I stumbled upon a very special letter. Honestly, that’s the letter that I really needed. Though I wanted someone to send it to me. Hahah!


Do you think you’re already at the darkest path of your life? Come and check out this blog and find some encouragement. If you think reading those words aren’t enough, feel free to send me an email ( and I’ll talk to you, alright?


There’s always a rainbow after the rain.


A sunshine after the night..


And the joy after the darkest path.


Have a great day! :D





The Daily Post | Sudden Downpour

It was sunny when you left home, so you didn’t take an umbrella. An hour later, you’re caught in a torrential downpour. You run into the first store you can find — it happens to be a dark, slightly shabby antique store, full of old artifacts, books, and dust. The shop’s ancient proprietor walks out of the back room to greet you. Tell us what happens next!


“Oh crap!” I muttered under my breath. It’s not the store that I was expecting. I probably would enjoy a cup of coffee on the nearby coffee shop.


“What a rainy morning, isn’t it?” Someone appeared from the shelves of dusty books and magazines. He’s an old man who’s a bit taller than me. Well, older than me I guess, about 30 to 40 years of age.


“Uh. Yes sir. Kinda rainy.” I don’t have the time to chitchat. I don’t exactly know what we would be talking about.


“I’ve got some vintage umbrellas here. You might need one,” he said, pointing to a rack full of fancy, old, and DUSTY umbrellas.


“No thanks! I guess they’re too fancy to be exposed to that harsh rain. Isn’t it?” I said, trying to paint a smile on my face. When I looked at the glass wall, I could see the sarcasm that the statement indicated.


I was shocked when I heard his laughter. What is he laughing about? I didn’t say anything funny. Annoying probably.


“You can stay here until the rain subsides. You’re free to see all my collections – books, magazines, home furniture, and dresses. You’ll definitely love them.” And he returned at the cashier, reading a book entitled Tess of d’Urbervilles.


“Can I bother you for a minute, sir?” I came near to him, examining the cover of the book. It was like the one I saw on the Internet; the 1982 version of the book.


“Sure. Fan of Thomas Hardy?” he asked, all enthusiastic with his beaming smile. “Oh, where are my manners? Come and sit here.”


I’m like a little girl who was being scolded since I immediately sat on the chair he was offering. My amazement, I guess, made him so eager to explain more things about the book.


“I’ve been looking for that book for years, Sir! I could’ve found what my Mom wants if I crashed in your store years ago.” The sound of sadness covered my statement, and I can feel the wetness of my round brown eyes. Oh how I miss my mom.


“This book just came to my store last year. I’ve read lots of reviews on the Internet, few blogs FYI, but I just started reading it last week. It’s a nice novel, isn’t it?” He continued to scan the pages, like he was just checking the damages on each paper. I could see some stains, a few tears, but the text are well-printed.


“The story was fabulous,” I answered, imitating the words from my Mom.


“Indeed. Actually, I also have a collection of classical novels in here. If you’d want to check out that aisle,” he pointed at a shelf near the pile of umbrellas, “you can see a copy of Pride and Prejudice, Don Quixote, The Great Gatsby, Robinson Crusoe, A Tale of Two Cities, To Kill a Mockingbird, and many more. You love classical novels, milady?”


Clearing my throat, I muttered. “My mom loves them. She always ask for a copy of her favorite books, Tess of d’Urbervilles was one, when she was still with me. Unfortunately, she’s gone now.”


He didn’t say anything else after my statement. I can feel the water that runs through my cheeks. How I miss my mom. I miss the times that she calls my name, tells me the story about Tess, and how she loved her character.


I  miss you mom.


After few minutes of my dramatic moment, he offered me a box of Kleenex. “I’m so sorry. She just died about a few months ago, sir. I’m still grieving, yah know.”


That look in his face assured me that everything’s alright. “No worries, little lady. You might be given the chance to reminisce the memories of you mom in this dusty place. I’m glad you’ve been very open to me.”


“I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t stayed too long.”


I started to compose myself and prepare to leave when my eyes darted back to the copy of the Tess of d’Urbervilles.


“You want this?” he asked.


“I’ll buy that book when you’re done reading it. Save some of your classical novels, sir. I’ll be back to buy some of them. For now, I have to get back to work.” I smiled at him sweetly, give him a nod, and waved goodbye.


“I’ll wait for your return, milady.” He closed the door as I walked out. And I noticed the sun shine so bright again. The pavement is as dry as ever, and no signs of the heavy rain.


I guess my mom directed me into a very special sanctuary. Hah!



work of fiction
All Rights Reserved © 2014





B.A.D | Forget About Forgetting



Who would have thought I would give up on wishing I could forget all the memories that I wanted to erase? It’s just too exhausting to try to forget someone who gave you so much to remember. Impossible.


As the pain throbs deep within, I catch myself painting a smile on my face. Remembering our happiest moments still make me feel better. I’m crazy, I know, and I guess that’s why he has to leave. Well, what’s the benefit of being bitter if you can make yourself better? :D


I am honestly lacking two or three hours of sleep ’cause I’ve been feed with all those annoying and sweet memories of “our” past. If I’d be on my bitter side of life, I’ll be wishing I’d have amnesia as soon as possible. No worries then! No pain!


On my better side of life, I wish he’ll be happier today than we were before. That’s the main reason why he left me, right? You know what, I am happy now. Yes, the memories of the past have been bugging me, but I am happier than before. Our memories could paint a smile in my face, but my recent relationship makes those smile reach my eyes. That feels better right? Hehehe!


Forget about forgetting. Focus more on making more memories that will overlap those bittersweet ones.


Got to go. I still have some shizz to do. Hehehe!