B.A.D. | Forgetful Friday

Forgiving is easy. Forgetting is another story.


That’s one of my mantras in life. It’s hard to forget those things that caused you pain, happiness, and various feelings. However, there are times that you have to try so hard to forget in order to survive.


My blog followers knew how devastated I was last year. Those people who hurt me are still, honestly, lingering in my mind from time to time. I don’t know why. Even if I try to forget them, I just can’t.


Let’s talk about the guy first. Spending my life with him for the past one and a half year gave me lots of memories to ponder on. All those smiles, those travels, and those happy moments. I admit, it’s not easy to delete them in my heart.


I always felt his lack of trust throughout the months that we’re together. He doesn’t believe me if I tell him I’m not having extra affairs with anyone else. Then, I actually gave up. I honestly waited for the day when he’ll just tell me that he doesn’t love me anymore. I guess, the separation would be easier if it ended that proper.


It was that September morning when we had a fight. It was about a text message from the girl he was “flirting” with. At first, he doesn’t want to admit it. But when I started packing my bags and left, he told me he wanted to talk to me.


It was all bullshit talking. He doesn’t want to get straight to the point. And I guess my heart had been expecting that. I cried, for a few minutes, then I was ready to face the world again.


Lastly, the girl. She knew the guy was taken. But she still pursued. I guess, that’s what bitches are for. Snatching other’s partner in life.


It’s been six months, and I can honestly say I have forgiven them both. I am wishing them complete happiness together, and that’s really sincere. What I wanted to forget is the happiness that we’ve shared together, so that I don’t have anything left to reminisce.


I wanna forget the day that I met him on the streets.


I wanna forget those nights that I slept with him.


I wanna forget those days that I woke up in his arms.


There were lots of things to forget.


And most importantly, lots of lessons learned.







B.A.D Entry for 07.04.14


3 thoughts on “B.A.D. | Forgetful Friday

  1. If you forget the happiness, you’ll have nothing to compare your next relationship to. The next man will treat you like a queen; no games, no cheating, and the previous “happy” times you shared withy your ex will seem minimal in comparison. You are brave to expose this much of yourself. It’s very admirable. But please remember… there is a Jack for every Jill. Every night, there is a man going to bed dreaming of the day he meets you. We just have to wait our turns. In the meantime, DON’T forget the happiness, as much as it hurts, because you’ll see. The next relationship will blow the last one out of the water. I can tell by your personality that you are deep, and sincere. You deserve nothing less in return. I was in a VERY similar situation, only the girl he was cheating on me for was my best friend. They’re getting married in September. I wish them well. If he has the capability of cheating on me, he has the capability of cheating on her. She should know this… she’s smart. But I’m certainly not going to point it out. They deserve each other. The man I’m with now? He makes my entire MARRIAGE look like a joke. I’ve never laughed as much or loved so deeply. All in due time… I promise. When you least expect it. But for now, you have to be comfortable being alone. Not lonely, but enjoying solitude. How can anyone enjoy being in your company if you can’t? Love yourself, love being alone with yourself and your thoughts. Record everything (keep a diary) so you can look back and see just how significant the change is once it arrives. I will pray for you tonight, and every night, that you find peace in solitude, and that your “Jack” hurries his ass up!!! If you ever need anything (to talk, to vent, to yell and scream, whatever) please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m always right here. If I knew how to insert a heart symbol, this is where I would put it. You have been a great friend and a huge support. I hope I can one day return the favor.



    1. I’m so overwhelmed with your message, Kate! My friends already said that to me, but I’m so happy that someone else, found overseas, takes some time to remind me how great life would be after the suffering. I think I’m not really alone ’cause I have other people, like you, who could listen to me and make me feel better.

      I believe I already found Jack. He told me he just lost his way before, and he’s here to get back what’s lost between us. Well, I’ll be posting a separate post about him in time. :)))

      On a lighter note though, you must hold on the ALT key and then press 3 to get the heart symbol. ♥

      Again, thank you so much for your comments! ^_^


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