B.A.D | Thankful Thursday


What a very timely prompt! With all those troubles that happened in the past days, it’s highly important to share the things that I was so thankful for. Without further ado, join me in my journey of gratification.


In my previous post, I shared my fears and anxiety about the typhoon that will pass our country. I’ve read different news that describes how disastrous the typhoon would be. As I think about my parents way back home, my anxiety and worries deepened as the hours pass by.


After the strong winds and heavy rains, I am so thankful I was able to go home in one piece that morning. I kept on running and running until I reached my apartment. You could imagine the trees dancing when the strong wind blew them off. Some of the branches were ripped off and fell to the ground. Some sheets of tin roof were at the ground, all crumpled like the thinnest sheet of paper I’ve ever seen. You can’t see any other person at the street. It was just me and the roaring typhoon. Scary, isn’t it?


I’ve been receiving delayed text messages since Tuesday. However, I am thankful to read calming messages from my sister. She’s been telling me that they’re safe and our house isn’t damaged. They’ve been telling me to keep safe, and text them whenever I had the chance. I got all the relief that I need after thinking about their condition over and over again.


I’m thankful that my apartment wasn’t flooded. Yahoo! Water started to rise around 7am, but our landlord readily removed the trash that clogged the drainage. Thank God I don’t have to experience a flooded place. It would cause too much hassle, yah know.


I wasn’t able to take photos of the devastating event ’cause I turned my phone off. However, I wanna thank the Lord for keeping us safe. No harm done. Nothing to be depressed about.


On another note, I received a text message from the company I’ve been sending y resume for three times already. They’re inviting me for an exam and interview on Monday, Woohoo! Another chance to escape my recent work!


I also received an email from another company, telling me that I passed their “paper examination”. My credentials are already forwarded to the Financial Solutions Department, and I’ll wait until they call me in for an interview. OMG! I AM SO EXCITED!


Thanks to Kate for changing the theme of BAD! Right now, I am so looking forward to posting more things that I am grateful for. Well, expect tons of thankful posts in the next Thursdays that shall pass.





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