B.A.D | Forgetful Friday

WARNING: If you’re not up for rants today, don’t read the middle part of the post. But if you’re very much willing to give an advice, please do read and comprehend. Thanks!
Forget it.


Honestly, I’ve got to post another topic for today. My mind has been shattered after seeing another Facebook profile a while ago.


I’ve seen his recent photos, and I felt the rage I always wanted to forget. The feeling of betrayal that I thought I’ve given up already. That desire of killing someone for hurting you so bad after all the good things that you’ve given to him.

I’m sorry for the mess. That photo was taken when my apartment was robbed. That’s the only photo that I own with my beloved electric fan. As I saw the recent photos, it doesn’t have the cover anymore. GRRR!!!

I wanted all my things back. My electric fan. My pillow. My storage box. My cauldron. My Tupperware. Everything that was MINE.


They’re all the product of my hardwork. I spent my salary in buying all those stuff for my own consumption. Yes, they were turned into somewhat “conjugal properties” when I moved into his house, but that doesn’t mean it’s already his.


Yes, I could remember a deal that I would leave my stuff in exchange to my last rent payment. My  mistake is, I wasn’t able to say no. I just wanted to leave and never go back again. Days passed and I realized that I don’t have to pay to him. He has to pay me back.


The thing is, I am contented with what I have right now. But then, it hurts to see MY things being damaged and not taken care properly. Tell me if I don’t have the right to rant, but it’s f*cking annoying!


My mind have been reciting the phrase, “Forget it” so many times, but it just makes the rage burn more. I can’t help it. *sigh


Any help people? Should I pursue in getting my stuff back or just leave it with him?










7 thoughts on “B.A.D | Forgetful Friday

  1. First, let me start by saying this: Everything that is/was yours, is STILL yours. Was anything put in writing? Even so, we say and do things in the moment, just to get “away.” We very often say things we don’t mean; such as… take it all. Was your name on the house? Or did you simply decide enough time had passed and you were ready to move in? Just because you decided to move in, doesn’t give him an all access pass to your belongings. And how long has it been? Because odds are, every material possession you left with him is going to come back to you with nothing but negative vibes attached. I know it angers you to know end, but think of it like this. Imagine getting ALL of your things back. They’re sitting in your living room. What do you do with them? Can you use them? You’ve made it this long without them, correct? I’m afraid that if you do go through the motions of getting your things back, you’re still going to be resentful, for a number of reasons. 1. You already know they aren’t being used properly so they’re probably going to be broken. 2. They’re going to carry back with them, memories… things you’re probably wanting to forget. So, yes, I do believe you’re entitled to get all of your things back, but to what cost? Just to have them? To one up him? To use, and be reminded of him? Maybe I’m over stepping my bounds, and if I am, I sincerely apologize. It’s just that I was in a very similar situation not so long ago myself. Starting over was the best thing that could have happened to me. Everything new (to me anyway… the furniture is all used), no history or memories attached. Sometimes we’re given a fresh start and we don’t even realize it. So yes, the material things are yours, and you have every right to reclaim them. Please just think about what getting them back may end up doing to you. Every time you look at that fan that’s broken, you’re going to be reminded of him. Is that how you want your life to be? I don’t like to see people, friends and strangers alike, hurting in any way. That’s why I think you should look hard (and deep) before you leap. I know situations like this are never easy, but look at where you are now in comparison to where you were. Do you want to go back there? No one can make the decision for you. Go with your gut feeling. Set your ego aside, pretend it’s not there. Do you REALLY want these material things back, as a constant reminder of what once was? I wish you nothing but the best… honestly.



    1. I’ve been thinking about that, Kate. I know I’ll be reminded of all the things we’ve shared together, good and bad, if I’ll be able to get my things back. Hmm. I know for myself that I don’t need those stuff anymore. You’re right, I survived without them for the past nine months. I could do it in the next nine.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate all the thoughts. ^_^


      1. I hate seeing anyone hurt. And getting them back because you need them is one thing. However, if you’re going to get them back simply because they’re yours, you cannot look past the fact that they will be constant reminders of the time you spent with him. So… if you REALLY want to get them back because he owes you, do so, but then sell them in a yard sale. :) If I was there, I’d go rob his place of everything that belonged to you and then some, AND I’d use his toothbrush to clean his toilet. (Simply because he hurt you). See? I have a long way to go too…


      2. Hahaha! I love the idea of using his toothbrush to clean the tiolet. I can imagine how pissed he’ll be. Anyway, that idea made my day lighter. I guess I’ll just write a humorous story on how I’d get my things and just forget about getting them afterwards. :D

        Thank you so much Kate!


      3. That’s the ebst thing you cn do. They ARE your belongings, but they’re your belongings from your past and you don’t live there any more. You don’t want a constant reminder lying around, do you? Hell, I’LL buy you new things if need be. Let the jerk have them, and know that he’ll someday have to answer for himself, as you stroll by casually into pure bliss, because you, my friend, are better than that.


      4. You just let me know what you need, and make something rather extravagant, so you can post pictures of your new items on FB and your ego can rest knowing you have it better than him, AND that your things are more valuable!! He’s going to forever rely on hand-me-downs, as you make your own way in this crazy world. But I’d say THIS gives you a right to display some new things that he could never afford, and also give you the opportunity to rub it in his face that he will always be nothing as you advance.


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