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Sherlock Holmes had his pipe. Dorothy had her red shoes. Batman had his Batmobile. If we asked your friends what object they most immediately associate with you, what would they answer?

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I’m sure my friends would say, “She had her pen and paper.”


My life is incomplete without them. Sometimes I can finish an article. Sometimes I just write my name over and over again. Those lines and letters that I create makes me feel more relaxed. There were times that my troubled mind becomes clearer after all those doodles that I’ve done.


I guess every writer will understand this. There were times in our lives that we’re inspired by something that we saw. We write about this. We might not be able to put our gadgets out and draft something, but we could always get our pens and papers to share our thoughts. It feels like we’re all professional journalists, isn’t it?


I’ve been with different kinds of pen and paper. I used to own simple ordinary pens. Now, my goal is to complete all the colors of the gel pen available in our country. I’ve been planning to buy fancy and more expensive pens too. It’ll be the collection that I am so looking forward to finish as soon as possible.


I’ve been using different kinds of paper. From ordinary notebooks to special papers, I’ve handled them all! I’ve been a fan of scented papers too, especially when I’m drafting letters or making some greeting cards.


Aside from their obvious uses, you could also find those simple things very useful. I used to use the pen as a hair clip, and the paper could be your tissue to wipe the mess at my workstation. Hahaha! Well, tissue is technically made of paper, right?


So that’s it! The next time you see me, rest assured that I have my pen and paper with me. Up for some writing sessions next time? Let me put that to my schedule. :D


TGIF, by the way! :D





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