B.A.D | FunDay Sunday!

Let me give you a quick update for today! Due to my craziness and assuming thoughts, I made a tough situation a bit refreshing.


I’ve had a great week with my boyfriend, and he has to leave and go back to the province this afternoon. It’s not a good news, I know, but he’s going to be back soon. I can feel that. Hahaha!


Call me a masochist, but I am stalking my ex partner’s FB profile. I have seen some funny things. (Or stuff that I thought was funny.) They’ve been dating on places where we used to go. Hmm. Seems like somebody’s taking my place in a not-so-good way. OK. Move on. :D


I am preparing for an exam and interview tomorrow, so forgive me for posting such a short article. I promise, I’d post something nice tomorrow.


I do hope you include me in your prayers tonight. Hope there will be good results on my appointment tomorrow. Fingers tightly closed! :D



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Love love,



16 thoughts on “B.A.D | FunDay Sunday!

      1. Just saw this on another post and had to share…

        “Just remember all the unsatisfactory sex you

        had with him and smile knowing that is her life now.” HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!


      2. HAHAHAHAHA! I’ve thought about that too, Kate! Come to think of it, I was just thinking about how miserable she is now if he hasn’t improved on that part. hahahahahaha! :D


      3. Well, my ex’s girlfriend has something to prove! They’re on baby number 2! Woo hoo! They must be on fire in he bedroom! NOOOOOOT!!! He’s 6’10” a complete oaf and is clueless as to how to please a woman. So all they’re telling me is they’re spending a lot of time in bed. LMAO They’re popping out kids like a PEZ dispencer, and all I can do is laugh. Will I go to hell for this, as my sex life has improved 100%?


      4. hahaha! In my case, they’re on their first baby. I can’t even imagine how he did it. I guess the girl worked on it. What d’you think? Hehehehe!

        I’d never trade my new one to be back in that frustrating situation again. Hahah! We deserve those who could please us at any moment. Right? XD


      5. Exactly. And I can imagine her just laying there, missionary style saying “Oh baby, that feels so good, but thinking “When the hell is this going to be over?” LOL I can picture my ex the SAME way!! H was CLUELESS in the bedroom. My sex life now is so much more than just sex. Not only does he fulfill every physical need, but every emotional need as well. Wouldn’t trade him for the world. I don’t care who ends up with my ex. The girl he’s with now? They deserve each other. They’re both rotten. Down to the bone rotten. The more distance between me and them, the better!!


      6. If they could read this conversation, they’ll definitely assume we’re just bitter ex’s. :D

        Anyway, it’s time for us to move on. Enjoy what we have right now. No to bitterness! Just love. :D


      7. EXACTLY!! But it’s so much fun to think of how miserable they truly are, when they paint such a pretty picture on facebook. I don’t know about you, but that shit cracks me up!!


      8. You aren’t responsible for their decisions. So, say a prayer for them and keep moving forward. You’re doing a great job!!


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