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If you were able to read my previous posts, including my conversation with Kate, you’ll definitely think I was too bitter about something. Hahah! You know what? There were times that it feels nice to be bitter. You’ll get to enjoy your inner evil from time to time. It is good for the soul.


Been cheated for a couple of times? Devastating, isn’t it? However, you have to think of this: “Loyal people still exist.”


Why am I saying this? Simply because I found him.


I told myself I won’t post anything about him without permission, but I just can’t help it. I am so grateful to have this man, that I won’t miss a chance to share how good he is through this blog.

Hahaha! I’ve read this when we’re still in college. I don’t know if we’re avoiding each other ’cause we were never in love with each other. Or ’cause we’re still in love in our secret ways.

The truth is, we could’ve been enemies until this time. He’s my college lover, and we ended our relationship ’cause of complications. We’ve got different priorities. We focused on different things. It hurts to let him go (before) but I have to. It’s for the best.


You could imagine three years of seeing him inside our classroom. The man I love (and still loving) treats me as a stranger. Well, I do the same to him. It just feels awkward. I can’t come near him. I can’t talk to him without feeling the same disappointment that I felt when I broke up with him.


Fast forward. Two years after graduation. We decided to see each other at a mall to celebrate his birthday. As much as I wanted to see him and hug him tight, I tried to cancel our schedule. What could I do? My desire to be with him wins over my headache. (There’s no such thing as mind over matters of the heart.)


He told me he was sorry for disregarding me before. He admitted he’s a jerk for letting me go. He said he could imagine happier days with me throughout our college days if he was able to treasure me like the way I did to him. I know he can’t see it, but my tears run through my cheeks as he says all of that. I’ve waited for 6 years just to hear those words from him. I thought it was the end of us, but I was wrong. He asked if I could give him another chance. How can I say no? This is a dream come true people!


We’ve been catching up, trying to cope up with the lost years we could’ve had. We laugh a lot. We enjoy our moments together. We’ve been utilizing all our spare time to strengthen the bond that we have. You might say it’s natural for new couples to be as sweet as possible, but I won’t do anything for this to end.


Lost your hope on love and relationships? Please don’t give up. Someone out there is thinking of you, waiting for your attention. Somebody’s out there wishing he/she’s holding your hand and making you smile. Someone’s out there, you might not know them yet, but he/she dreams to be with you every single minute. Somebody out there cold accept you, your positive traits and flaws.



Never lose hope in love. NEVER.





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11 thoughts on “B.A.D | All That I Hope For

  1. I don’t like this post… I LOVE it!! And remember…everything happens for a reason. Maybe you were introduced, but one of you (him) wasn’t ready for such a commitment. Now you’re both older, more experienced and much smarter. NOW you stand a chance at a mature relationship. Had you tried before, it probably would have ended for silly reasons because that’s how most young relationships end. I’m so happy for you. Doesn’t it feel good to be truly in love?? <3 Very happy for you!! Here's to new beginnings!!



    1. I guess that’s the best word to associate with our relationship. We’ve been mature enough to know how to take good care of each other. We’re happy, whether we’re together or not. We’ve accepted our responsibilities as partners, and dealt with our individual priorities. It feels GREAT to be with him again. I won’t have to worry about the wasted years that we’re apart ’cause he’s been exerting all the effort to make every second memorable. ♥

      (and you’ve made the heart symbol, Kate! Good job!) ^_^


      1. <3 Love this!! I love seeing and knowing people are truly happy, and not just painting a pretty picture for the rest of the world. Congratulations on what's probably going to be the best years of your life… <3



      2. Ah ha… but the challenge is… you have to share SOME of it with us. We want to know that you’re happy, not just through your words, but through certain events as well. Perhaps a date night, a moment he is extremely romantic for no reason at all… something like that.


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