B.A.D | And the People Around Me


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I guess you’ve heard the saying, “No man is an island.” In some ways, I know that is true. However, you have to be aware of when you have to disprove that statement. A matter of logic, I guess.


It’s pretty hard to see if someone is just taking advantage of your kindness. Others are pretty good at hiding their ultimate motive, and you think their friendship (o care) is genuine enough.


Think about this, you should know your limit. It’s important to know your capacity – how much you could give and how much you could save for yourself. Tangible or intangible, you should try to make an inventory of the things and emotions that you could share to others. It’s good to share happiness to everyone, but learn to select the most reliable person to run to in times of trouble.


Learn to say ‘NO’. Those people who are taken for granted are usually those who can’t say no to anyone. Just try it once and you’ll see the difference. Those who could understand will still remain your friend. Others might forget about your existence, and let them do that. It  means they’re the people who are just using you.


Bottom line is, you can’t please everyone. Yes, you might be overwhelmed when someone appreciates you, but it doesn’t mean that no one gets disturbed by your presence. Treat your kindness as a special gift that you could only give to deserving people. Never waste the chance to be kind to those who are so worth it.


Have a great day! :D






2 thoughts on “B.A.D | And the People Around Me

  1. L.O.V.E. this!!! I can’t tell you how many “friends” heard I came into some money and were suddenly my “best friend.” I gave, and gave, and they just kept on taking. Well, now I know who my real friends are, and who just isn’t worth my time. Again, LOVE it! AWESOME post!!



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