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This is definitely out of topis. Just wanna share those cute puppies. ♥
This is definitely out of topic. Just wanna share those cute puppies. ♥

If I’ll audition as a comedian, I am definitely sure that I won’t get the role. I’m not the wacky person; my bf is.


However, let me give you some glimpse on how silly I could be sometimes. These aren’t really funny, but these were the rare moments that I could instantly make him smile. Comments are highly appreciated later, but if you’re not going to be nice, I suggest you keep it for yourself. Hah! LOL!


It was Monday afternoon. I was so frustrated ’cause I was late for a job exam. I was late for THREE MINUTES and they told me to email them for a reschedule! That’s so frustrating, people! I can remember dragging myself out of their office, full of embarrassment and disappointment.


Instead of going to my night shift job, I went home immediately ’cause I know he’ll be there to comfort me. As soon as I entered our room, I hugged him tight and sobbed. He asked me what happened, and I told him the story. He told me it’s alright, that I was still given the chance, and that I should send the email as soon as possible. I stopped my tantrums after all the words that he said.


I thought I was OK now, but then I could still feel the frustration rushing through my veins. While he was reading a book about misogynist, I looked at him with sorrowful eyes (or I guess I did) then hugged him again. I kept on saying via baby talk, “They should’ve considered me for the exam. It’s just three minutes.”


I thought he’ll be annoyed but he smiled. No, not smiled. He LAUGHED! Then he said, “You look like a kid who discovered your seatmate ate your packed snack.” Then he kept on laughing while I kept on saying, “Eeeee. Don’t laugh at me. It’s not funny!” The more I acted and spoken like a kid, the louder his laughter was. At the end, all of my frustrations were washed out, and we’ve been laughing too hard. (For a reason I can’t remember)


I wish he could comfort me again when I come home tonight, but unfortunately he’s not at home. He went back to the province to help his mother. His mother has been expecting him to come home last two weeks ago, but he stayed with me first within one week. Now, he’s been in-charge of cleaning and fixing all the damages caused by the typhoon.


I miss him. All his funny statements. All the things he do just to make me laugh. He’s gonna paint a smile on my face when I wake up, and make sure I’m the happiest girl in the world before I sleep. I hope he could come back as soon as possible. I just hope…



So.. I hope I’d given you a nice read. :D






6 thoughts on “B.A.D | Something FUNNY

  1. One of the best things I like about relationships, is that you come up (without even realizing it) with your own language. For example, in our house “Do you want cheetza for dinner?” really means “Do you want to get a cheese pizza?” The laughter should always out weigh the tears, and this seems to be so in your relationship. I’m happy to see you so happy. And we’ll never grow tired of reading funny stories between you and your partner. It’s all the little stories that eventually lead us to the whole love story. I hope his time away passes quickly. I know what it’s like not to have him with you, and it’s not a good feeling at all… but we’ll all be here in the meantime if that makes you feel any better. <3


    1. Actually, I don’t have any problem with him being away. I’m just annoyed with the fact that our communication was cut. Telcom signals aren’t available there, as an effect of the typhoon. I wish everything will be fixed there as soon as possible. :D


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