B.A.D | Count Your Blessings


Never! XD

I’ve been focusing on too much bitterness and rantings during the past days. I know it won’t help me move on and forget the pains of the past. No. Not at all.


A friend of mine sent me a message last time. It says, “Always look at the positive side of life. After all, no one hurts their eyes in doing so.” Come to think of it, we’ve been focusing on all the bad things that happened to us. Why don’t we just count our blessings?


So, let me start this gratefulness post by thanking God for the existence of instant oatmeal and Carbonara. I’m not in the mood to cook, or just too sleepy to think what to cook, so they’re pretty helpful in stuffing food in my stomach. Yes, I am moderating the amount of preservatives in my body as of the moment. The question is, how could I ever resist a sumptuous treat once in a while? :D


I’ve already featured my boyfriend in my previous posts, so I think it won’t do any harm if I’ll add him here again. I’m thankful that he’s back in my arms, loving me like the way I’ve never imagined.

In relation to that, let me share another throwback about us. If I’m not mistaken, I already told you that we didn’t start great. Everything was so messed up before. Our relationship six years ago have been a total disaster.

Below are the pictures that remind both of us of our past. It signifies all the annoying things that we’ve shared. It portrays how f*cking childish we were before. And it teaches us to be more matured, more responsible, and more caring with each other.

A combination of our name.. I’ve formulated it six years ago. Haha! Perfect name for a (future) descendant, might be? Hahahah!


I’m sorry for the light problems of the photo. It was a photo of a photograph wrapped in plastic. Haha! The light striking the plastic was making it too bright. :D photo taken last December 2008, college Christmas party


a compilation of text messages from him.. :D


…which we call “reliable source” XD


Then, I wanna thank God for the additional songs I’ve found for my phone, and the additional eBooks that I downloaded. It’s pretty hard to get those especially when you don’t have much time in visiting an internet cafe. And I am blessed ’cause I’ve got a copy of my favorites. Well, just some of them. Hehe!


And yeah, I shouldn’t forget how thankful I am while working hand-in-hand with my supervisor tonight. Talking about all those MISTAKES that we need to replace for a specific controversial campaign. It makes me so busy for the rest of the shift. I can already feel exhaustion for tonight’s duty. T_T


P.S: Thanks to Kate for nominating me on a certain award.. I’m sorry, I can’t remember the name and I was rushing to finish this post before a meeting. I’ll just get back to it later. OK? Thanks again! :D



Have a great day!







7 thoughts on “B.A.D | Count Your Blessings

  1. Thank you for participating… you have no idea what it means to me. And I nominated you because you deserve it!! As for this post, a very popular quote comes to mind… “Don’t judge me (or your prior relationship) by my past… I don’t live there any more. So happy that you found each other again, in a mature way. <3


    1. I’m not really sure about the word “deserve” but I appreciate your recognition. Hehe!

      We both have our present and future to live. Our past is just a memory that taught us our lessons. :D


      1. Yes, you DO deserve it, and here’s why. You manage to get up everyday and try to start fresh, you find something positive instead of dwelling on the negative, AND you’re inspiring others (like me) to do the same. So yes, you deserve the award!! Have a wonderful day!!


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