B.A.D | Forget About Forgetting



Who would have thought I would give up on wishing I could forget all the memories that I wanted to erase? It’s just too exhausting to try to forget someone who gave you so much to remember. Impossible.


As the pain throbs deep within, I catch myself painting a smile on my face. Remembering our happiest moments still make me feel better. I’m crazy, I know, and I guess that’s why he has to leave. Well, what’s the benefit of being bitter if you can make yourself better? :D


I am honestly lacking two or three hours of sleep ’cause I’ve been feed with all those annoying and sweet memories of “our” past. If I’d be on my bitter side of life, I’ll be wishing I’d have amnesia as soon as possible. No worries then! No pain!


On my better side of life, I wish he’ll be happier today than we were before. That’s the main reason why he left me, right? You know what, I am happy now. Yes, the memories of the past have been bugging me, but I am happier than before. Our memories could paint a smile in my face, but my recent relationship makes those smile reach my eyes. That feels better right? Hehehe!


Forget about forgetting. Focus more on making more memories that will overlap those bittersweet ones.


Got to go. I still have some shizz to do. Hehehe!





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