The Daily Post | On Bees and Efs

Do you — or did you ever — have a Best Friend? Do you believe in the idea of one person whose friendship matters the most? Tell us a story about your BFF (or lack thereof).


I have a Best Friend, of course. Correction, I have best friends.


I am a friendly girl. (That’s what they’ve been saying.) I might have tons of colleagues, but I am so attached to the people I considered my best friends. They’ve been with me for so many years already. They’ve been there through thick and thin. They’ve been helping me in all the things that I’ve been experiencing. Life will be so boring without them.


1st: BFF May Ann

grabbed from her FB account. heheh! as usual. :D
with her princess Mia
the two of us together during the gift giving ceremony last Dec 2013

She’s my cousin, my friend, my schoolmate, my churchmate, and my very best friend. She knew most of the things that were happening to me since college days. She’s the perfect example of the woman who’ll annoy you and insult you, but will love you unconditionally.

She used to have a messed up and confused life. I am so glad to see everything fall into their proper places. She’s happy now with her daughter, and soon-to-be husband. I’m so looking forward to her wedding! I just hope she’ll allow me to be their coordinator. *Fingers crossed*


2nd: BFF Juvy

Just found this cure photo on her account. Hehe! I wonder why I haven’t seen this before. XD

She’s my classmate for four years during college. We share the same interest and passion for our Christian ministry. (Though I am so sure she’s more dedicated. Hehe!) Both of us plays the keyboard. (She’s better than I do.) Both of us can sing and dance. We’re crazy. She’s a perfect piece that completes my puzzled life.



3rd: BFF Yana



Or Yhanie, if that’s what she wanna be called. Hehe! I knew her when I was in third year high school. She was a new member of the youth group that I was in. We became best buddies, and we lasted until now.

We’ve been separated to each other for years, but we’ve been connected through Facebook, few calls, and some text messages. I’m devastated when she is broken. I’m grateful when she’s happy. We shared many things together, even saying shit things about guys.

She’s pregnant right now, and I’m really hoping my godchild will be born healthy in the next months. Come to think of it, I am as excited as she is! :D



4th: BFF Lester



Surprised to read a guy’s name here, yes? Hehe! I’ve been very close to guys. That’s why some people misinterpreted that as being a flirt. (I’m just friendly. Thank you so much!)

He’s my classmate during 4th year high school. One of the most silent guys in the classroom. It’s nice to share that he’s not talking to me that time, ’cause that means he’s not taking any sides at the classroom shizz.

I developed my closeness with him during our college days. We’ve been great friends who talk about anything and everything under the sun. Even until now, we’re sharing thoughts about life, work, relationships, and all those things that aren’t allowed to share over the internet. ;)


So there you are.. Having BFFs could give you the best feeling in the world. Remember, your lover could fool you, but not your best friend. (Not unless you’re partner is your best friend at the same time. OK? )





Have a great day, everyone! :D






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