B.A.D | Had Too Much?



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Oh well. I’m very busy these days. A recent audit fix on a campaign about addiction and alcoholism consumes all of my energy. I came to work tonight without even thinking that I am not yet finished with that task. Gah!


Since I’m still thinking about how the edits would affect my production for the day, let me just share one blog I found. I’ve been searching for posts about journeys to sobriety when I stumbled upon a very special letter. Honestly, that’s the letter that I really needed. Though I wanted someone to send it to me. Hahah!


Do you think you’re already at the darkest path of your life? Come and check out this blog and find some encouragement. If you think reading those words aren’t enough, feel free to send me an email (thedespicablehuntress@gmail.com) and I’ll talk to you, alright?


There’s always a rainbow after the rain.


A sunshine after the night..


And the joy after the darkest path.


Have a great day! :D






5 thoughts on “B.A.D | Had Too Much?

  1. I’m always all for encouraging help. Although I don’t drink and couldn’t help much in that area, I have struggled with pain meds. I still have to take them, but it’s very hard not to take one too many just because I love the way they make me feel. I’ve been on these meds since 1998. It’s been a battle, but one that I refuse to lose.


      1. Oh, I’m not so much attached, as they are a safety net. For example, the maximum daily dose is 5. I hardly ever take 5, unless there’s a severe change in the weather. Normally it’s about 3 a day. My doctor is quite impressed that I haven’t built up a tolerance and I’m not asking for a higher dosage by this point. So, I have to take them (2 blown shoulders, 4 surgeries on one and the other dislocates on a regular basis) but It’s been YEARS and I have not abused them. As tempting as it may be, I’ve been able to resist.


      2. I’m sorry I misunderstood your previous comment. I never thought it was a prescribed pain med. Thanks for explaining, btw. :)

        Well, as long as you heed to your doctor’s advice and stick to his prescription, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble with those pain medicines. I’m sure you could also use other ways to manage the pain, either by chiropractic care or acupuncture. Again, if that’s advisable by your doctor. He surely knows better than I do. :)


      3. It’s so sad… I have friends who hound me, begging me for pain meds. It kills me that I have to lie, but I’m well aware of what drug addicts are capable of. The addiction takes over and causes them to do crazy things (like break into my house and steal them). There are far too many people addicted to prescription pain meds. It’s like a new craze. Rx meds are the way to go. Well, I ONLY use them for my shoulder pain, and don’t advertise when I have them. My doctor told me that if anyone knew I had them, they could get me killed, as one pill goes for $200 on the street. He gives me a one month supply of 150. Needless to say, I try to keep this knowledge from anyone, especially those with a previous addiction. My ex husband was addicted to crack. He robbed his own parents for money, stealing the money his father had raised for the local Boy Scout troop. It’s sad and it’s scary. But I’m pretty confident I’ve got a handle on it. If I ran out tomorrow, my body wouldn’t go into shock, and I wouldn’t suffer from withdrawl. I’m EXTREMELY grateful for this, as I said, I’ve been on them since 1998.


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