How We Kept The ‘Sparks’ Going In The Relationship

My favorite line? “A wedding will just be for a day. But a marriage will last a lifetime.”
Another great read from Nicholas! :D


‘A relationship requires a lot of work and commitment.’
– Greta Scacchi

Proposed to the girl in Oct’13 and talked about grooming and nurturing a relationship: (

Finally tying the knot in Sep this year too!

And for you guys out there who have also been in long-term relationships, I believe one challenge that many of us face is keeping the ‘sparks’ alive.

Along the way when things slowed down and got boring, we found that some of the tips below really helped to inject new life and sparks into our relationship.

Of course, we have not been following all the points below religiously, but we can only keep trying :)


1) Acknowledge The Importance of Dating

Continue to take each other out on dates. This was probably something we dropped the ball on in the past… but we have been trying to fix that.

The key thing is to treat the date like a special bonding moment…

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