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I’m sure everyone has a fair share of things to worry. While others are worrying for food, clothing, and shelter, others are seeking for love, attention, and support. Whatever you are thinking about right now, there’s no need to fret and to be depressed so much. It’s time to move on.


I’ve read lots of Bible passages that talks about worrying. I might not quote the exact statement(s), yet I wanted to share to you the entire context; the message that was supposed to be shared to everyone in this world.


We all believe in God’s existence, and with that belief comes the trust to His power, to His mercy, and to His abundance. I’ve heard too many people who say, “God will provide.” Sadly, that belief wasn’t backed up by their actions. Remember my dear friends, we still have to exert our efforts to receive bountiful blessings from our beloved Creator.


I admit I worry about almost EVERYTHING! When it rains, I worry about the flood and the traffic. I worry about what food to prepare, and what food won’t ruin my baby steps to fitness. I worry about finishing another hour of workout without straining my limbs. I worry about the getting more weight than losing them, and failing my first attempt to weight loss. I worry about my sleeping time, if I had lack of sleep or oversleep. If I’m gonna give you a list this instant, I’m sure you’ll close the windows and never ever read this blog again. Hah!


I believe, and my heart really believes, that God will miraculously work along with my perseverance. Yes, I’m not good on starting stuff (since I stop them immediately if I don’t feel any changes), but with determination, encouragement and support, I am sure this weight loss journey will work out just right!


As for my other worries, I pray to God that He’ll prepare my mind, my heart, and my body for all the shortages that will come. I might be in great suffering, but I know He’s still in charge of me. He’s still working on His delicate plan for my survival.


Still worrying?


Just pray! I’m sure it will work to ease your troubles! :D






5 thoughts on “B.A.D | What’s With The Fuzz?

  1. I’m a bit worried that your B.A.D. blogs are better than mine… I strongly believe in everything you wrote. In times of great stress (today for example – I was rushed in for emergency surgery) I have to literally stop my brain, and remind myself that there is a plan in place for me. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe this was God’s way of telling me to slow down. I’m doing too much, I’m not getting enough sleep, and, like you, I worry about everything! So, I’ll tell you what I tell my son. Imagine each thing that’s bothering you as a piece of paper. Crumple them up on by one and once you’ve got a bucketful of crumpled papers, give them all to God. Excellent post!! If I knew how to nominate someone for an inspiring, positive blog award, I would, without hesitation, nominate YOU!!!


    1. I guess I just have enough time to think about the content of my post, Kate. And I’m glad that I’ve been helping and inspiring people, like you, as I publish my thoughts. I hope you’ll get well soon! :D

      Remember, God will always help you. Whatever you’re experiencing right now, He just leads you to something better He has prepared. :)


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