Inspiring? XD


Who would have thought that my rants and random thinking would lead me to this award? Hahah! Thanks to my dearest Kate for giving me such an overwhelming recognition.


My initial reaction to this award was, “OMG! Is this for real?”


Then the next reaction was, “Seriously? I’m inspiring others?”


Haha! Ok! Enough with my hilarious and unbelievable reactions. Again, thanks Kate! :D


To accept this award, awardees must:
– Display the award on their blog
– Announce their win with a blog post and thank the blogger who made the nomination
– Present 10 deserving bloggers with the award
– Link the awardees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment (or ping-back)
– Include an embedded video of their current favorite song


My nominations will go to the following blogs that I follow:



I stumbled upon his post when I was working on that addiction thingy, and I love his post about meditations, pain, and other things about life. I’m sure you could also love his articles in here. :D


2. Pusang Gala

It’s a travel blog, actually, inspiring me to pursue my dream to travel the world. Well, I wanna be realistic today, so I wanna travel in my ever-beloved Philippines first. Hehe!

The blogger is also my former officemate, and he’s a really nice (and silent) guy.


3. FlippyZipFlop

Her posts are really motivating, and her comments in my previous posts make me think about more issues in another perspective. You see, getting advices from people who doesn’t even know me personally is one of the best things I always look forward to. While others are offended by their “too personal/invasive comments”, I love to hear (or to read, technically) what she has to say. It always means something. :D



He’d given me wise and articulate ideas about finance and relationships. I can’t find more words to describe him, guys. Visit his blog and find out what I’ve been talking about. Moreover, he’s a very friendly guy. :D


5. Like Reading On Trains

Aside from my officemates, he was the first Filipino I’ve stumbled upon WordPress. I love his posts, and all the humor that he share to his followers. My favorite post from his blog is entitled, “The Letter That Killed Me | Daily Prompt: Never” :)


6. Thought Catalog

It’s not just a source of inspiration, but a source of information as well. Though I’ve read negative posts about them, at least I like the way they continue to update their posts from time to time.


7. Remember an Inspiring Ocean

She’s not really an active blogger, but when you see an update in her blog, that means she’s up to something you’ll HAVE to read. :D


8. Josh Mangunay

His potential for writing is clearly seen in his blog. It amazes me how he can use day-to-day situations to lessons I’ve never imagined before. As his tagline says, read on and know more about him.


9. Mind’s Seat

I’ve been reading lots about faith and inspiration on their page. You’ll definitely get enough dosage of inspiration and encouragement if you follow their blog.


10. Cute Overload

I’m sorry, but I’m not really an animal-lover. However, this site made me realize that their existence is vital to everyone, and their cuteness can brighten up your day! If you’re too stressed and you’re finding a motivation to smile, just look at their updates! :D


I’ve been so in love with Boyce Avenue in the past days. I’m sure you’ll love their sweet voice, too!



So.. I already did my best! Haha! Thanks for nominating my blog, and congratulations to the ten people I’ve included here. Believe me guys, you deserve an award! *\o/*




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